Tel Aviv — Major Protest!

TEL AVIV, Israel —
Half a million protesters against the economic and political system –
and that in a country of 7 million inhabitants.
Jews, Arabs, foreign workers, refugees and students marched together chanting
“The People demand social justice.”


3 thoughts on “Tel Aviv — Major Protest!

  1. Anonymous

    Is it just a coincidence that we are seeing simultaneous protests across the globe? The people of Israel demand social justice, while the people of America are demanding the same and blame all the issues facing the nation on corporate corruption.

  2. I think it represents the underlieing nature of the current state of the global economy. There are over 30 million jobless Americans, representing between 20% and 25% of the entire American work force. The protests in America are simply a reflection of the current state of our economy as it relates to the number of jobless Americans. Wall street indicated that the recession was over by summer 2009, while the corporations have not created any jobs in America. However, the largest corporations, like GE, have created many jobs in China and Mexico, during the same time frame. It is amazing these protests did not begin several years ago, when the Wall Street bankers were all bailed out of their collective losses, while the common American was left without a job and congress still balks at helping the jobless Americans.

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