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Raw milk ‘crimes’ are taking place today in front of FDA headquarters; live broadcast coverage by Robert Scott Bell


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
November 1 – The much-awaited Raw Milk Freedom Riders event is here! It’s happening today, November 1, and it’s being covered with a live broadcast by Robert Scott Bell on the NaturalNews Radio Network. You can listen in to the live broadcast at www.NaturalNewsRadio.com Check…

Adya Clarity’s top distributor issues full apology, product recall


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
October 31 – Following days of shocking disclosures about the misleading labeling, fraudulent marketing and profiteering of a product called Adya Clarity, the product’s top distributor in North America, Raw Food World (Matt Monarch), has stepped forward to issue a full apology and…

Adya Clarity caught deceiving Health Canada in licensing scam that hid aluminum content


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
October 31 – NaturalNews can now report that Adya, Inc. has been caught not only misrepresenting the composition of its product on its own label, but has now been caught committing marketing fraud that violates its terms of licensing with Health Canada. Health Canada is already investigating…

Iron supplements cause more harm than good


By Elizabeth Walling
October 31 – For the last several decades, iron supplements have been routinely handed out like candy. Because iron is a basic requirement for cell growth and longevity, it is often assumed that people should supplement with extra iron. However, this faulty belief may carry serious…

Is your washing machine contributing to the ‘microplastic’ pollution problem in the world’s oceans?


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
October 31 – Much of the clothing people wear today is made with polyester, acrylic, rayon, and various other synthetic textile materials. And a new study published in the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal Environmental Science & Technology has found that, when washed, such…

DHS, Tennessee State Troopers set up Halloween checkpoints to ‘keep roadways safe for trick-or-treaters’


By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
October 31 – The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a modern-day Nazi occupying force in America, is on a clear mission to destroy all that remains of the nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. And it is having a lot of success in the State of Tennessee, where reports indicate…

Ginger root reduces digestive inflammation markers to lower colon cancer risk


By John Phillip
October 31 – Since ancient times, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit…

Greenpeace puts pressure on Japan to tighten radiation restrictions after more than half of tested seafood shows up positive for radioactive cesium


By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
October 31 – Recent tests conducted by the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace have found that more than half of all seafood being sold across eastern Japan is contaminated with radioactive cesium. And because there is no mandatory labeling of food products that have been screened…

CDC considering mandatory HPV vaccination for all boys 11 and older


By S. D. Wells
October 31 – The panel of experts that advises the CDC regarding vaccines has recommended that all boys 11 years and older get vaccinated with Merck’s controversial Gardisil in order to prevent the spread of the human papillomavirus. Parents all over the nation are up in arms, saying…

How to take down a giant – part 5 (opinion)


By Hesh Goldstein
October 31 – Frustration must be my middle name. Failing to get our Hawaii genetically modified politicians to do something about GMOs and Roundup, I figured that our Attorney General would do something. So, I wrote him a letter and sent him all sorts of stuff. In keeping with…

Adya Clarity – how to intelligently read the label and calculate possible toxic exposures to excess iron and aluminum


By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
October 30 – There is a lot of conversation on the ‘net about Adya Clarity following our publishing of information questioning its composition, labeling and safety (http://www.naturalnews.com/034005_Adya_Clarity_consumer_alert.html). Readers have rightly been calling for pictures…

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