[video] Fritz Springmeier: The Inner Workings of Secret Societies — LOVE LIFE, people! LOVE REALITY! Don't allow their traumas beat you down!

My heavenly Father just reminded me of
what my dad used to say:

“Run to the roar!”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Don’t allow their traumas beat you down!

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It’s really a magic trick. These guys are magicians. ‘Watch my hand over here….’ We’re all distracted with the bread and circus here, meanwhile, they carry out reality over here.”

* * *

“I encourage everybody to love life, to love reality. Don’t let them traumatize you to the point where you give up on reality and take one of these alternatives, like spending the rest of your life in front of the boob tube, or turning to drugs, or all of the other crazy alternatives to check out from reality.

Love life, people! That right there would make a big difference if people would not allow the traumas that they inflict upon us to beat us down.”

– Fritz Springmeier

* * *

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qir8ME2-Pds]The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier 1/3

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Fritz Springmeier joins the program again to expose the frontmen of the Illuminati, and the bloodlines behind the powers that rule our world. Alex and Fritz discuss the deep and secretive history of the elite’s occultic system. The information Springmeier had revealed was clearly a threat to the establishment. He is now free from prison after serving years on a trumped up charges. Springmeier’s seminal work, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, is back in print and available at Infowars.com after years of being unavailable and difficult to find.


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