[audio] Douglas Dietrich on 'Coast to Coast AM' 12/7/12: Pearl Harbor Attack — The Japanese learned their codes had been cracked and they were sailing into a trap after one of their midget submarines had been sunk

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In the first half, George Noory welcomed renegade military historian Douglas Dietrich, who revealed what his research has uncovered about the attack on Pearl Harbor. FDR’s administration provoked Japan and led the United States into war in order to pull the country out of the Great Depression, he said. Dietrich credited FDR with abolishing the gold standard and flooding the U.S. economy with fiat paper currency. According to Dietrich, this move was at the suggestion of avowed communist and White House economist Lauchlin Bernard Currie, who pushed for a global war and was later identified as a Soviet operative.

The Americans were actually going to bomb Japan first by flying out of China under the Chinese national colors, he continued, noting that Pearl Harbor was a set up from the beginning. The Japanese learned their codes had been cracked and they were sailing into a trap after one of their midget submarines had been sunk, he explained. Dietrich said the Japanese commanders were determined to carry out the first wave of attacks and were surprised to find the American ships at Pearl Harbor anchored side-by-side and chained together. There were three U.S. carriers operating evasive maneuvers to ambush the Japanese fleet as part of a propaganda plan to swoop in after the attack and save the day, he disclosed.

Salvage divers were sent in after the attack to see if there was anything they could salvage from the damaged ships, Dietrich reported. Even though the divers could hear trapped sailors tapping out S.O.S. for weeks, they were ordered not to cut into bulkheads to rescue any of them, he said. The powers orchestrating the war did not want witnesses and had loaded the ships with charges to sink them had the Japanese attack failed, Dietrich offered. He also commented on the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, pointing out that because the constitutionality of this event has been held up no individual is safe from federal search, seizure, and impoundment, and U.S. citizenship has ceased to have any meaning.

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Interview starts at minute-12:45[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgiVZcI_EmQ]Pearl Harbor Attack & Open Lines – 12-07-2012

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