[video] Former Satanist/Illuminist/Witch/Vampire/Freemason/Mormon Bill Schnoebelen: Exposing The Illuminati From Within

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNEkkb3Iv9g]Exposing The Illuminati From Within (Bill Schnoebelen) 1of2


Uploaded on Mar 20, 2011

Bless our Creator Yahuwah and His Son Yahuwshuwah for our oppurtunity to find and search the truth. Bill Schnoebelen author of 7 witchcraft books, satanic voodoo high priest, 9th degree ordo templi orientis, 2nd degree church of Satan, Occultist, channeler, taught astrology, taught tera cards, 9th degree Rosicrusion, 90th degree Mason, and member of the illuminati. Explains the depths of the devil and his religious system in the world.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tfa8-a5N2g]Exposing The Illuminati From Within (Bill Schnoebelen) 2of2

Former Satanist/Illuminist/Freemason/Mormon BILL SCHNOEBELEN: The Devil You Know — “As dangerous as Obama is, ROMNEY, in his own way is even more dangerous?” — HALLOWEEN, ‘the Devil’s holiday’ defiles children — “As long as there is MASONRY in the church there will be no revival” — “Listen to the VOICE of the His Spirit, because He can direct things” — “And SPIRITUAL WARFARE is critical”

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  1. Roystan Crossley

    I use to get all these scratch kind scars as many at first like about 8 to 10 years ago and some at least 12 to 13 years ago as I went to a priest a few times and it stopped now it comes very seldom (not to mention my wife started getting them a few times) . I get funny dreams but can’t understand it as it has new places I have never seen in my life there were times I dreamt of plane crashes and when I remembered my dream and wrote it down it made total sense example dark , people fair in color and a passenger plane and yes later the next day or that day I don’t remember there was a plane crash which was in the evening , in Moscow and once before a crash but the plane did not explode and later the news of a plane that crash but did not explode recently I could sleep the full night but very early morning it was getting a bit bright I dreamt as if a big patch of black cloud was moving a bit fast and suddenly it began to fall to the ground from the sky and I fest and heard a bang loud as if something very flat and heavy fell and I woke up with as this happened when I managed to just get a few minutes sleep. I dreamt many times of places and people I have not seen. I got paralyzed but awake was on the bed with my wife and kids and I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak but I forced a scream of my wife’s name and its true I was not dreaming I reminded her and she remembered but at the fact she was too deep in her sleep to help me but she remembered. once she told me that there were roaring kind of chocking sounds coming from me late at night but she was too tired to even see or turn to see and she heard my legs flapping as if I was being smothered or chocked and when she finally did wake up and shouted Roy ! I was fresh as nothing ever happen and I don’t remember a damn thing. many times I wake up as if I am swallowing something as if something is going down my throat but I even at times went to the wash room to vomit it out scared that I must have swallowed something in my sleep but there was nothing. I have a hole in the heart since child birth which is not giving problems , I suffer from ulcers at times bleed from my stool , have piles , eyes are weak with a dark smudge in the right , I use to get like two red dots as if I was poked as the mark was like a ( : ) not brackets but just the “semi colon” (2 dots) on the ankle , recently I got drained lifeless thought I was losing breath and going to collapse either from a heart attack or just cold sweat weakness but no pain in the chest , there are knocking sounds on our door but no one there , I am not focused as something is right in front of me I will search and not see it there , I can’t focus on one particular object or can’t see into a person’s eyes I will kind of just see it there but like a big picture or broad view of something , I suffer from migraine headaches sometimes and get really bad as vomiting and all that stuff ,I suffer from sinus (polypus) had a surgery but has come back but my echo report was better in 2013 as it was in 2010. I have all my medical reports if you ever need a scan of them. I was born on 13th of March 1978. there has been accidents with me and my wife on the motorbike a number of times where once before marriage we had an accident where she still says “I was pushed of” although the pickup van in front of me axel broke and she missed with this big bus from the behind we had many disaster where if you reply I will tell you them briefly but many have accidents so I can’t relate it to what I really want to put to you notice. Please reply then I can tell you on and on many things and even ready for your questions or anything. I want to be cured of all this so that I can live a proper life but since I saw you videos and you interview I have cut portions of the video and emailed it to people but it’s all beyond their understanding. I am a Catholic, I have real bad luck mostly and electronic things tend to misbehave sometimes not all the time but things go kind of wrong as out of a bit normal if you know what I mean. I feel lights flicker when I approach but this happens sometimes it’s always something going wrong not always but whenever something good happens with me something bad comes following. I got a credit card, we fell of the bike, I got a job we met in an accident my wife broke her arm had a surgery and a plate put, the other accident I fractured my leg both on a Sunday. Mum and dad split up after I was born and I was a few months as I was taken care for 8 or 9 years by a total different family, I did not know my mum until she came once after my dad got married again when I was told she is your mother then dad in UK now and both mums deceased. I approached a priest called father Gasper and after that I got very sick as my heart gave me a lot of trouble haven’t gone there now much better. My wife went on a Easter overnight vigil and took my son (his name is Elijah) along , where he stood at a window above on a floor simply broke off and without knowing that just as a co-incidence my wife was just taking him back inside it missed in a quarter of a second and that glass window smashed as it could have killed him, at 4 months or so my son went in a deep sleep and never woke up for at least 4 to 5 hours then he did wake up , he pointed behind me once on the bed but was a big scared and pointing actually behind me up to a corner of the rook wall but nothing was there , a year or 2 ago I use to hear humming sounds which made no sense , but after a humming sound after a few days there was either an earthquake or some kind of minor or major disaster I can’t understand. We were going on the bike once to the Eucharist which is on Saturday evenings a gush or breeze as it was breeze but a strong sudden gush passed but we did not fall, my wife sees images in the house but very very rarely I took a pic with my son and there was an orb or two which doesn’t come in the other rooms but the hall room but I heard the hum and my son pointed that thing in the bed room the day my son was born it was cloudy and drizzled he took bad also it was cloudy and drizzled as it was august and after and when we celebrated his first birthday it got cloudy and drizzled at the end of the that night. I get this exeema kind rash on my let and both hand at the sides of the below little fingers and on my left carve. I have never seen any spirits or images till now by my sister n law and wife had experiences of such things in their house and at my other sister and law she saw a clear figure in her bed room. Why can’t I see?? 🙂 Once during the same 10 to 12 years ago I was asleep on the bed at my brothers place where I was staying at the time I woke up and my left hand was upright as if I picked up my hand just my left had my palm and fingers lose but my had was raised as I kept it down and thought nothing of it. I have a son and I daughter (daughter Elisha) A few times in my house after marriage in this present house half asleep I hear like kind of unexplainable voices kind of strange static type other people speaking but unexplainable, Once I was asleep and something woke me up and as I can’t smell because o the sinus, I was kind of directed to the door and wire was burning a flame just a few seconds or minutes to a short circuit but I removed it, (how did know?? What was that) I don’t kind of have a very god relationship with people so well like the term “good friend” or friends, it does not last too long as there is even a bit of wrangling at home for no point I don’t have interest in life just live for the day , I hate to dress up well ,sometimes I have a feeling that if someone does wrong to me or if I am angry with someone something happens to them or their family but not really sure but I kind of noticed this, there are many co-incidences of the number “13” in my life , haven’t seen a UFO ever but feel a presence within like I am not me at times , it’s like I can’t think properly , I socialize much because I am more in my cubical researching for stuff till I began seeing your videos and real
    ly loved them (give me your email address I will email you the videos which I cut from there. I am now all into faith and researching and matching what I saw and heard from your videos with all my past experiences and all what people say and parts of other documentaries and “Ancient Aliens” from the History channel. I just want to search for the unknown, I am drawn to all this now, not so much but as a strong kink as I can’t best explain, and I have bad luck. I go to church but I don’t feel anything wrong or bad or strange I pray in faith at times but there is no kind of absurd happenings of sought.
    Questions: WHEN THERE IS A GOD (JESUS YASHUAH) & THE FULL HOLY REALM THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THEN SATAN AND DEMONS AND DEMON POSSESION AND EXCORSIMS THEN WHERE DOES THE ALIENS AND UFO`S FIT INTO ALL THIS. When there is an exorcism is it an evil spirit or alien or is Satan and aliens working together?? When so much bad is happening why does God allow it happen to especially children as in child abuse, since history so much bloodshed of the innocent people in millions and millions why did God allow it or is it all for a reason or was it out of his control and these things happened? Can a Jew or a Muslim pray on/for a Christian or can a Christian pray for/on a Jew or can a Jew pray for/on a Muslim Can my medical issues be cured is it unknown which is causing it or does not want me to approach anyone? What can you make out from all this I have typed as this is only some most probably if you ask any questions you could get more?? Will it leave me that is if anything has latched itself on and if yes then why is it doing this? If I try to remove it will it harm me or my family? Or is this keeping me alive? Is it protecting me? Will it let me prosper in life? If a person is genuinely unable to afford cure for his sicknesses does a curing by another help?? Can multiple medical issues be cured through another’s prayers?? Can I heal another person even though being a sinner??

  2. Roystan Crossley

    Is there any contact or email address for Bill Schnoebelen?? please,, I have seen 4 of his interviews and I would like any kind of contact of him or his brother or his assistant anyone to where I could type a few questions which are tricky and yet very important as life saving. if there is my email address is roystan.crossley@gmail.com my cell is 00923212929111 and I don’t know why I have this addiction of watching his interviews again and I am inspired of many things especially on how many people can be saved. I am not a twinkie : ) as he calls the new ager`s I am not in fantasy of Masonic or illuminati or spells but very interested after he told the story of the wife he and one of his old pal in the witch brotherhood had to kill through spells but it didn’t work because she was protected by the Lord and instead it came back and beat them up for sending the spells to attack her because her husband wanted possession of the kids. then tricking of the Devil/Satan , then radio show when that evil chap challenged a friend of Bill Schnoebelen to prove that evil was stronger than good and when Bill Schnoebelen friend prayed over the air that guy lost all his spell and the other story when a similar but a shogun kind of sholan master got magnetically stuck by the power of the Lord when he was showing off with his demonic power. Then how many times he got saved even though he was a warlock , vampire , priest in the church of Satan , and the forgiveness Prayer at the foot of his bed. People he prayed for who had multiple personalities , his knowledge of extra-terrestrials , HP love craft , Alister Crowley , the Kabala and many many many notes i have made on and after watching the 3 Prophaecy Club presentation videos and one interview with a lady , the experiments on children and child abuse after all this I have some very meaningful questions for him if he could come in conversation for a few minutes.

  3. Roystan Crossley

    Thank you Jeff. i tried all of it i called the phone number of one accord spoke to a lady called cindy a week ago i left a message on the same phone today and sent an email again but no respons

  4. Roystan Crossley

    My questions : 1) What is the difference between Aliens and Demons/Spirits??? are they both Spiritual and Alien abductions??? 2) Thousand and Thousands have seen spirits or ghosts and people dressed in this and that but some dont experience as i have not seen or felt or heard but i get scars adn tiny pin like holes. 3) can God stop Alien Abductions as i know yes he can Spiritual abduction. How do end both and what is being done about this or is there anywhere you can report this and seek help of a Specialist for the eradication of these torments or are they two kinds of specialists , one for Spirits and One for Demons.

    1. Roystan,
      I just now posted at my spiritual blog, ONEcanhappen.wordpress.com this ToBeFree.wordpress.com post. This also has praying in tongues links:

      L.A. Marzulli: Evidence that Abductions Can Be Stopped by Reciting the Name of Jesus has been Hushed Up

      I’m a big believer in praying in tongues. In fact, if you would pray in tongues enough that alone might solve your problem.
      Chuck Missler deals with the topic of whether aliens are demons or real entities:

      (video) Chuck Missler: The Return of the Nephilim — UFOs, Aliens & Abuctions

      Missler talks about how UFOs have been seen on radar, but then he seems to lean on the aliens being demons. And it doesn’t appear that Chuck knows much about dealing with demons.
      I have reason to believe there are actual beings out there, beyond Earth, and they could be doing abductions.
      But demons could be doing abductions, and if so, they’d be easy to get rid of through prayer.

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