Jim Garrow: Do not go to the obamacare website for any reason. They will get the information that they want…

I have also heard that the reason the website doesn’t work is that they hired programmers in India, and the software is a mess that could take many months to fix.

Jim’s advice is something to really consider. The unaffordable “affordable” health care plan, known as Obamacare is totally unconstitutional, and reeks of Big Brother.

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From: Jim Garrow’s Facebook page

“It would appear good people that the program known as Obamacare only cares about Obama. The name should give it away. We already know that it is unaffordable and they only care about Obama but that’s not all. Having inquired about how much it will cost you, the Obamacare custodians, the IRS have your IP address and will now seek you out to pay the fine. This is one big data trap and some fell for it. Why do you think it doesn’t work and why it only gives some information to some people. It is a random sampler of all it surveys. They don’t want people to sign up , they just want people to look at any level so that they can capture your IP address and then track you to their hearts content. Welcome to 1984 or its real Big Brother, Obamacare. DO NOT GO TO THE OBAMACARE WEBSITE FOR ANY REASON. THEY WILL GET THE INFORMATION THAT THEY WANT EVEN IF YOU JUST GLANCE AT THE FIRST PAGE. ONE LOOK AND LIKE MEDUSSA YOU TURN TO STONE, OR MORE ACCURATELY YOU TURN INTO AN INFORMATION SLAVE. ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR IP ADDRESS THEY HAVE YOU AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. OBAMACARE IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER DEVISED TO GET YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH NO HOLDS BARRED AND NO INFORMATION DEEMED IRRELEVANT. I have shouted the previous sentences because it is that serious and if you were a child getting ready to walk into traffic I would yell as well to save your life. – Dr. Jim Garrow –

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