(video) Brave Black Prof. Tony Martin!: JEWISH TACTICS In The Controversy Over JEWISH INVOLVEMENT in The SLAVE TRADE

AMAZING STORY of how the ADL and many other Jews ganged up on and relentlessly targeted an uncompromising, bold, black, professor for telling the hidden truth!
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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu0vQrZbhQo]Dr. Tony Martin – Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade

COLDCHISELED | COLDCHISELED | Published on Sep 9, 2012

The late Dr. Tony Martin diligent research had been provoked by several events with faculty members in the educational institutions where he taught. The tactics they tried using, to silence the focus of his lessons only motivated him even more.

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VERY IMPORTANT!!! 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans — As honest, fair and truly intellectual debate degrades before the eyes of the global media audience, the quality of American democracy degrades along with it (Tony’s story reminds me of Murdoch’s FOX News in action)
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