Skousen: ISIS as the New Flagship Terror Threat | Background on the Creation of Terror — "The phony war on terror is morphing into something even more unstable for the US, as years of occupation have increased the ranks of jihadists far in excess of the few hundred the US used to control directly in the lead up to 9/11"

The globalists created alCIAda (al Qaeda and ISIS) to get US to carry out the their dirty deeds, while Russia and China are whom we should be watching.
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World Affairs Brief, August 29, 2014 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
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ISIS as the New Flagship Terror Threat
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Whenever a relatively new terror organization starts bragging about how it’s going to take over the entire Muslim world, and simultaneously threatens Jerusalem, Europe and the US, you can bet it’s either the work of an irrational braggart or a propaganda stunt by Western intelligence agencies to give new urgency to the flagging and phony war on terror that has for so long held the West in its Machiavellian grip. Their claims are so far-fetched that they could only be useful at spreading fear among the British and American people who are once again being called upon to support a new war on terror. There is another specific reason, however, for western funding ISIS as a new enemy—it gives the US its long-awaited excuse to get back into the Syrian conflict, and it won’t be to “help Assad” or get rid of ISIS.

All the regular neocon Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham were hitting the talk shows last Sunday pushing for the US military to attack ISIS in Syria:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday called for President Obama to target leaders of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria after the beheading of an American journalist last week.

The James Foley beheading itself was a mostly-staged event (with death taking place off-screen) to horrify the American public and create support for the notion of a wider war on ISIS. Virtually every media report about building the case for war mentions it.

McCain’s rhetoric is particularly hypocritical in light of his trip to Syria in May of 2013 to discuss giving arms and support to Syrian rebels. One researcher noticed that one of the men meeting with McCain looks just like Ibrahim al-Badri (a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader and commander of the Islamic State in Iraq, otherwise known as ISIS). Pictures tweeted by McCain himself show him talking with rebels including a man who matches al-Badri’s mugshot on Wikipedia before growing the prominent beard—a beard that, like bin-Laden’s, makes it easy for dumbed-down Americans to identify the terrorist figurehead (or look-alike as needed).

Like Bin Laden, I suspect Al-Baghdadi is a paid agent of the CIA or McCain would never have been set up to meet with him and others. They are all smiling—certainly no enemies of the US in reality. The NY Times joined in rehearsing the widespread calls for going into Syria.

The Obama administration is debating a more robust intervention in Syria, including possible American airstrikes, in a significant escalation of its weeks-long military assault on the Islamic extremist group that has destabilized neighboring Iraq and killed an American journalist.

But that would be a violation of Syrian sovereignty were the US to intrude without permission. And, apparently, the US has no intention of asking permission. As Fox News pointed out,

Syria’s government on Monday demanded the Obama administration seek permission before launching any airstrikes on its territory against Islamic State targets, while the State Department indicated it had no intention of seeking “the approval of the Syria.”

And that’s because the US wants to do more than merely attack ISIS. A military incursion into Syria would be very complex. The US doesn’t want to help Assad and yet picking and choosing who to attack among the various rebels forces in Syria—which the US has been financing (including ISIS)—is fraught with problems. Who is really moderate and who is not? I don’t think any rebel group is moderate. If anyone is playing the moderate stabilizing role, it’s Assad.

The ultimate US objective in Syria is to remove Bashar al Assad and topple his pro-Russian government so that Israel can finally get the green light to attack Iran without fear of Syrian missile retaliation. In some way the US is conniving to use the need to attack ISIS in Syria as a path toward controlling Syria and taking down Assad.

There are many devious ways in which the US can assist the Syrian rebels while playing as if they are attacking ISIS in Syria.


Background on the creation of terror:

Let me take a minute to give some background on how the phony war on terror is morphing into something even more unstable for the US, as years of occupation have increased the ranks of jihadists far in excess of the few hundred the US used to control directly in the lead up to 9/11.

Except in the small-scale Palestinian attacks on Israel, there wasn’t much real terror in the world prior to 9/11. And what there was very much manipulated by US, British, Israeli and German intelligence agencies (of the dark side variety). They developed small cadres of controlled terrorists to drive various political agendas.

Many of these were a perversion of Operation Gladio—originally designed after WWII as a secret “underground” force that stayed behind to spy on the continuing communist drive to subvert Europe. But since the US wasn’t really interested in dismantling or undermining Communism, the various Gladio cells were gradually replaced and retrained to recruit and take over small emerging terrorist groups.

That effort got a major boost after the Russians invaded Afghanistan. The US hired one Osama bin Laden and funded him via Saudi Arabia in order to oust the Russians from Afghanistan. But after the war the US kept bin Laden in service in order to create al Qaeda, which would be used to put the western world under the threat of terror.

September 11 was the biggest single trigger event that created the war on terror, and it was simultaneously blamed on al Qaeda and used to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan—neither of which had anything to do with 9/11. Neither was bin Laden (who was still under the pay of the CIA and already ill with kidney disease) the instigator and executor of 9/11—except perhaps to coordinate or recruit both the list of false hijackers (listed by the US as the perpetrators) and the real ones (still unknown), and organize their training on modern Boeing airliners owned by friendly Arab states.

Otherwise, everything else in the 9/11 attack was a US black operation, including the loading of demolition charges in WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 and arranging (most likely) for remote-controlled aircraft to hit the Pentagon and crash into WTC buildings 1 and 2.

Only US black ops could have conceived and carried out this complex of an operation, which required sophisticated equipment and insider access to all the buildings, aircraft, air traffic control, etc. and the ability to create diversionary military exercises at the precise time of the attack, and coordinate the extensive coverup in the aftermath.

The important thing about all this background information on building the war on terror is this:

In the aftermath of the US war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and the decades-long occupation, thousands of additional Muslims were energized to hate America and NATO countries. They formed or joined many new radical jihadist organizations that were too large and varied to be directly controlled by US and British intelligence services as before. They could only be indirectly controlled through infiltrating their leadership and providing funding, arms and material support from controlled allies. That still provides a lot of control since no substantial terror organization exists without a major state sponsor.

That’s what I believe we are seeing in ISIS today—a major new source of war and terror created purposefully, yet somewhat indirectly, by US funding through surrogate nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

So in the case of ISIS, the US creates another terror monster, fails to curtail its supply depots and arms caches in Iraq until it’s too late, and now after the Iraq invasion by ISIS the US has the excuse to mount major air attacks (with support of hundreds of Special Forces the US never admits to) in order to stop what they created. But it won’t stop—and may not ever be able to be stopped completely because the US will continue to make more enemies as it attacks ISIS.


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