(video) Sylvia Stolz: Courageous Lawyer Imprisoned for Presenting Evidence in the Ernst Zundel ‘Holocaust’ Truth Trial — “It is illegal to deny it in Germany, and that is all that counts in court”

I just listened to a Jeff Rense interview of Ernst Zundel (5/13/10) in which Ernst spoke very highly of Sylvia, imprisoned for 3.5 years for defending her righteous, truth telling client, Ernst Zundel, who was imprisoned for 5 years in Germany (in addition to previous imprisonments in Canada, also for merely telling the truth about the ‘Holocaust’). They’re both magnificent heroes!

She has guts!

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STANDING OVATION @41:00![youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoJY5cBxmdw]AZK – Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial (full)

Justice Germans

Justice Germans
Published on Jan 18, 2013

(English Subs) Sylvia Stolz, a German Lawyer who was jailed for presenting evidence in the defence of her client in the criminal court trial in Germany of so-called holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, tells her story at the AZK (Anti-Zensor-Koalition) Conference in Switzerland, in November 2012. In 2008, she was banned from speaking during the trial, barred from presenting evidence, and criminally charged with contempt of court, and with inciting contempt, and charged under the same section of the German Criminal Code as her client, and subsequently imprisoned for 3 years. She is also barred from practising law.. After giving this presentation in Switzerland, she is now again facing criminal charges, as is the host and organizer of the AZK, Mr. Ivo Sasek.
NOTE: For a translation of the short interview at the very end, please go here (contains C.C.Engl. Subs) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gJvE_…

AKZ Website: http://anti-zensur.info/index.php?pag…

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