2 thoughts on “WATCH: Police Do Nothing as Trump Supporters are Beaten Right in Front of Them

  1. Well, I have direct experience of much more violent protests in 1968 and 1972. What police have learned since then in terms of tactics, is that if you wade into a conflict that is just thrown punches and objects in riot gear, swinging your batons, using pepper spray etc. it escalates the situation more often than controlling it. These actions resulted in some bruises and minor injuries, a broken tail light, a few torched hats, and a woman needing a shampoo, so apparently police on the scene made the right call.

    Since you might misunderstand, I don’t condone violence, setting fires or trashing other people’s property. However, the Trump campaign has been talking smack about deporting millions and building that wall for months. If they take that nonsense into a city where the folks they directly threatened and insulted live and work, they shouldn’t expect to be greeted with flowers. I certainly wouldn’t walk through South Central waving a confederate flag.

    1. It’s not “smack.” Illegal immigrants are here illegally, which our government has intentionally let get out of hand, Obama being the worst.

      Soros is known to be actually paying protesters to protest Trump, which the media is intentionally under-reporting, because those who own the media are globalists who want a one-world government, which America must be destroyed in order to accomplish.

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