New Neil Young Documentary Exposes Monsanto and “The Dark Act”


New Neil Young Documentary Exposes Monsanto and “The Dark Act”

By Erin Elizabeth –

August 9, 2016

Well known activist and famous musician Neil Young is pushing some buttons and stirring up discussion with a new short documentary he has created called “Seeding Fear.”  Seeding fears is a documentary designed by Young to inspire more of his fans and the general public to call into question the dubious practices and influence of Monsanto whose actions and practices are exposed in the documentary.

Young also recently released an album entitled “The Monsanto Years,”.  Young actively uses his celebrity to bring the public focus to corruption and the genetic engineering and food politics issues that are affecting the global community.

The short 10 minute expose documents the true story of Michael and Wayne White- father and son farmers, who took on the massive biotech corporation to court.

Wayne White was sued by Monsanto decades after ceasing to farm and the case brought against him virtually ruined his life, according to his son Michael who says, “He went to his grave –this grave – still afraid of [Monsanto].”

Their personal and intense story is told in this short documentary film and would serve humanity well to be spread far and wide as it can help open the discussion and inspire radical change in our willingness to accept the powers of the biotech industry.

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