Donald WAS an Insider: “IN MY FORMER LIFE I WAS AN INSIDER. NOW I’M BEING PUNISHED FOR LEAVING the special club AND REVEALING to you the terrible things that are going on with our country”

The media bias against Donald Trump is so vicious and so universal that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Donald has so significantly left the insider club they’re completely afraid of the wrench he would insert into to their Illuminati, NWO plans.

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“In my former life, I was an insider as much as anybody else. And I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad, not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club I’m the only one that can fix it.”

– Donald Trump in a speech in West Palm Beech, Florida, 10/13/16

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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