HOW Could Trump Even TALK To Mitt Romney? — A Quintessential RINO Who Has No Place At State


MITT ROMNEY: A Quintessential RINO Who Has No Place At State

Drain The Swamp—Don’t Fill It Up!

After Secretaries of State Kerry and Clinton, the World Community of Nations Needs a Break From The Psychopaths


BAIN Capital

If ever there was a vulture capitalist firm that never got found out except by super-sleuth David Stockman, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is it.  As follows:

“Mitt Romney has lashed out at The Donald for being a “phony and fraud“, but consider this. During his 16-years at Bain Capital, fully one-fourth or $600 million of the firms cumulative $2.5 billion of profits were scalped from companies which went bankrupt soon after Mitt and his partners got out of town with the loot.”
(Source: David Stockman Totally Exposes Bain Capital and the Real Mitt Romney)

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