(audio) Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

One thought on “(audio) Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

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    There was a time when I enjoyed Alex Jones, for some odd reason… I mean sure, 80% of the time INFOWARS reports on legitimate information, and I credit them for having the nerve to tell the truth about things… That being said, there’s that pesky other 20% of the time when Alex Jones is making an absolute ASS of himself, screaming and ranting that the next day will be the end of the world unless everyone will buy the products that he just happens to have on a 50%-off special, oh and guess how many hits his Youtube channel has how… I mean seriously, his infatuation with Youtube and Twitter are on par with teenybopper high-school girls…
    Beyond that, and with all due respect to my Christian readers, he keeps referring to America as being a “Christian Nation”, while the truth is that he is misrepresenting MILLIONS and MILLIONS of non-Christian Americans. Now I don’t claim any religion, and if asked directly what I believe, I’ll answer that “I am an Alchemist, an Agent of Natural Law, and a Constitutionalist, Three Percenter”. How would Christians feel if Muslim shows started claiming that America was an Islamic Nation, or that the Declaration of Independence represented Islamic values? What if Alex Jones said that the American Founding Fathers were Jews and Muslims? You would feel about the way I feel right now; misrepresented, violated, and mad as hell. Our Nation was founded by Deist, and their values were based upon Freedom from the British Crown… That is the Truth.
    Anyone attempting to pin their religion on the Founding Fathers had better have some damn good evidence. Alex Jones even has the NERVE to claim to be better historically informed than the rest of us, only to turn around and demonstrate that he isn’t by claiming that all of America is Tribe of Judah or something… The rest of you can have your Jew beliefs, but my birth is American, my blood is German, and my roots are pre-Medieval Norse Pagan… I don’t look like a Jew, I don’t think like a Jew, I do not have a Jews values, and I have no respect for Jew traditions (always crying about something or biting baby penises), and to be honest I really don’t like Jews very much at all. I like being called one, even less.
    Alex Jones has absolutely lost his mind. American religious freedom is based upon the Separation of Church and State, specifically in order to PREVENT people like Christians, and fanatics like Alex Jones, from forcing their religion upon everyone else against their will, just as Alex Jones and many Christians are currently attempting to DO with their media outlets (while calling others fake news)… You all can keep your Jew Worship to yourself, but you CANNOT represent ME with it, and neither do I have to watch supposed AltNews programming that misrepresents my personal beliefs. Alex Jones is guilty as the people he slanders on his segments. What a shame.

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