Germar Rudolf on the 9/11 Planes' 'HUGE FLASH!': "Some incendiary, some rocket or bomb was fired from the plane into the building at the moment of impact"

49:45 On 9/11 planes:

“It had something additionally at the bottom that a normal airliner wouldn’t have had. And then you see this one footage of the first plane going in, that just before it crashes it has this huge flash, just at crash time. And the second plane too, it shows that some incendiary, some rocket or bomb was fired from the plane into the building at the moment of impact. And the footage is so clear.”

– Germar Rudolf, transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

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2 thoughts on “Germar Rudolf on the 9/11 Planes' 'HUGE FLASH!': "Some incendiary, some rocket or bomb was fired from the plane into the building at the moment of impact"

  1. More than one decade ago, even much before, appeared some websites, which gave details of which buildings, 11-S-, were destroyed in a controlled manner. A substance that was found in irons, based on guidelines of the buildings, the experts concluded that this substance to increase the combustion of metals by 100% or more, the smell of the substance is characteristic, by what the experts who compiled the factors came to the conclusion that was a planned demolition.
    Later, already in years more recent, other reports, where it was said that the suspected terrorists were fictitious, gave the information that had been practiced with hours of flight, at aerodromes, but never existed such terrorists. Was an alibi to justify the terrorist profile, diverting attention by the press (an accomplice, Zionist) following the game to Zion (the Masons).
    There, a detail also in some videos of researchers from Spanish-speaking, those remote dates, 2002, I remember, then the information was censored or blocked, it disappeared overnight overnight information, quickly. It was that radars that custodian – service detection anti-intruder, against terrorist attacks, etc-the United States Army security allowed flight maneuvers, rare route, without communication with the aircraft; as in a normal situation, the aircraft had been shot down, however flight changes, rare drills and sense (three at least) changes were allowed.
    Then, in recent years realized that there was also who took advantage of these planned situations, in particular, the landlords got money from insurance, million-dollar pricing. There are even interviews which are contradictory – with the owners of the twin towers – because he gave information that has not had happened, between smiles, clear.
    I mentioned it on a web page in English, but nobody believed it. (2003).
    There may be some spelling error, if it is so, you correct me.

  2. Another aspect, I forgot, is that a few days earlier, in the buildings was carried out a so-called drill fire-protection. Then he went into hiding.
    So there is no excuse to suppose that it was a demolition controlled and planned.
    When the twin towers were still on foot, my father described to me that place, on a sightseeing trip, due to business trip, and even took photos from the highest point of World T.C. One of his fellow tourists made him photographs and I could also get some data that I removed doubts.
    The experts, architects, concluded that by studying the plans of the buildings collapsed, the composition of the two towers was precisely to avoid suffering in their structures, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks. Possibly the service fire was manipulated to increase the combustion that was more rapid with already referred (chemicals).
    Israel at that time was almost forgotten by American politicians, of this form, possibly, killed several birds of an only shot: intervention in wars for oil, ensure the area of Israel, the famous insurance of the owner of the towers, and above all create a new enemy: Islam, at least to wake him up.

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