Clintons' Uranium One deal with Russia outrageously bigger than stated

Watch John discuss this in the news segment of Episode 961 – James Perloff, Jul 05, 2018 here
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News Segment Sources:

Annual production of precursor U308 is only 2.4 million pounds. It takes 6 pounds of U308 to make up 1 pound of UF6 (Yellow Cake) this means the U1 deal sold the equivalent of 300 million pounds of U3O8 or six years of the entire global production at peak production rates.

The price of Uranium in unprocessed form (PRIOR TO U3O8) WAS $10.26/pound in 2007. Prior to Obama Presidency.

Today that same pound will cost over $100.

This shipment occurred in 2010 and the UF6 is 20% Highly Enriched – meaning that every pound should cost in 2010 dollars about $6,000.

The 50 million pound transaction should have netted $300 Billion, but it was transferred to Russia for only $270M.

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