(VID) #FranklinGraham Called Out By #FionaBarnett #HumanTrafficking #Pedogate #VoodooDoughnut

This is alleged, not proven, but sadly, the evidence is too significant to ignore, and Fiona knows from personal experience the truth about Billy.
The tweet mentioned in this video:

Franklin Graham’s Voodoo Doughnuts’ tweet

Also, see this related post of mine, which contains many links to the truth about Billy Graham:

When Billy Graham laughed to minimize Bill Clinton’s adultery

If this allegation is false, I would suspect Franklin Graham would write an explanation. But if it’s true, he would likely just remove his post and say nothing, which is apparently what did happen. So I’m posting.
Billy Graham was instrumental in convincing people all over the world that all a person has to do is say a one-time prayer to be a going-to-heaven Christian, ignoring Jesus’ teaching that we must abide in Christ to have fruit that remains, so we’re not cut off, thrown into the fire and burned (John 15).

Therefore, Billy Graham was one of the most influential people responsible for destroying Christianity in America and the United States itself.
Many ‘Christians’ in America now follow FOX News (the war channel) instead of the HOLY Spirit.

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#FranklinGraham Called Out By #FionaBarnett #HumanTrafficking #Pedogate #VoodooDoughnut

Published on Aug 5, 2018

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