Jim Willie: Will Infinitive Quantitative Easing Collapse the World Economy?

The plunge protection team has been vigorously manipulating in order to stop a crisis. Can they continue to do so? Jim Wille tells why he doesn’t think so.

Joel Skousen says the globalists don’t want the boiling frogs to jump out of the pot, causing enough alarm for many to lose trust in the system. He’s also recently said the “Fed” may let the economy crash significantly enough to keep Trump from being reelected.

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Jim Willie: Infinitive Quantitative Easing Will Collapse World Economy

Sep 28, 2019


Today on TruNews financial commentator Jim Willie, the editor of the Hat Trick Letter, joins the Godcast to discuss the current repo bailout, and the hidden trillion dollar a week repo bailout which he claims has been active for since 2017. We also detail repercussions of infinite quantitative easing, and how it’s the taking the global economy to a financial cliff, and Jim also opens up personally about the demonic attacks taking place in his life. Doc Burkhart. Airdate 9/27/19

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