TruNews: “Heaven’s Mandate” – Christian Zionist Evangelicals Threaten Trump over Syria Withdrawal

Megan McCain upset on ‘The View,’ rallies the left for war at minute-14!

“Christian” warmonger Pat Robertson claims we’ll lose “heaven’s mandate” at 1:05:40. Hogwash! We’re illegally in Syria in the first place, supporting ISIS to regime-change Syria to further the Greater Israel Project, which failed because of Russia’s intervention.

“Do you ‘Christian’ Zionists understand that the Christians in Syria were praying to Almighty God to stop America…, the destruction that America was carrying out in Syria?! – Rick Wiles @ 31:28

Super soldiers at 29:15: Syria’s foreign minister stated twice that genetically modified soldiers were fighting his troops.

DESCRIPTION:  Today on TruNews, host Rick Wiles takes a look at the rabid response from the warmongering left and right to President Trump’s announcement that he will be removing troops from Syria.  We detail the shrills from Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Meghan McCain as they scream for more war.  We also consider remarks from CBN founder Pat Robertson, who says that President Trump is about to lose ‘Heaven’s Mandate’ over his decision.  Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart.  Airdate 10/7/19

Heaven’s Mandate: Christian Zionist Evangelicals Threaten Trump over Syria Withdrawal

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