TruNews: “Syria Tells UN America Has Genetically Modified Super-Soldiers Deployed In Country”

NOTE: True story; though, the originating country isn’t stated. We know that the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia support the terrorist opposition in Syria, and only the U.S. or Israel has the sophistication to create these. Both of the Syrian ambassador’s statements are filmed and are shown in this TruNews report.

TruNews also shows a clip of what looks like giant ISIS soldiers escorting Coptic Christians in Libya just prior to execution in 2/2005. Rick Wiles calls these out as the Nephilim of Genesis 6 and “after that.”

Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari reported twice in statements at the UN on 2018 and 2016 that genetically modified soldiers were committing crimes in Syria:

“And I say to all those who exported to us armed, moderate, genetically modified opposition….” – Bashar Jaafari  speaking through an interpreter at the UN on 4/9/18

“Unfortunately, some member states and the Security Council and the mainstream media continue to defend and support the genetically modified, armed Syrian opposition, moderate by definition, while turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by them.” – Bashar Jaafari speaking in English on at the UN on 12/19/16

Watch TruNews report HERE at 22:28!


Today We Explore A Claim Made By Syria’s Ambassador To The UN, Implying That The Western Backed Jihadists Terrorizing His Nation May Have Been Created In The Abominable Labs Of DARPA.

APR 12 2018

The ambassador’s 2016 statement can also be seen in this longer video of the event from RT at 40:28. The video is set to start at this time mark here: BREAKING: UN Security Council approves Aleppo resolution.

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