Dan Dicks w/ Luke: BOOM!!! Epstein Island INVADED & EXPOSED By Independent Journalists!!! MUST SEE!

BOOM!!! Epstein Island INVADED & EXPOSED By Independent Journalists!!! MUST SEE!

Press For Truth

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Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous pedophile Island was just stormed and documented by independent journalists! Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante had an opportunity to storm Little St. James Island and they literally ran with it! The infamous pedophile Epstein was friends with powerful people in high positions of power and the media is no longer reporting on the case now that Epstein committed “Suicide”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Luke Rudkowski about this daring reconnaissance mission, how the opportunity came about, what they found and most importantly why he felt the need to put his life on the line to investigate the Epstein Case with boots on the ground reporting!

Watch: “EXCLUSIVE: First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island”


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