Corbett & Bermas: Snowden Misled US – NSA stores all phone *conversations*, not just metadata

Was Snowden used to pacify US?

Snowden may have either wittingly or unwittingly deceived us by reporting that NSA only records and stores the metadata, but they record and store everything!

Many are  reluctant about posting on social media, but don’t realize that all of their phone conversations are being recorded and stored indefinitely.

NSA Whisleblower William Binney has said many times, as I’ve reported here, that NSA records and stores forever every phone conversation, not just the metadata.

That’s why NSA built the giant facility in Utah.

Snowden may have been used by NSA and the CIA to mislead us.

James Corbett @ 23:40 “In May, 2013, it was revealed on CNN, in case there is any doubt, not only do they have metadata, metadata, metadata, they literally can listen to and play back any phone call that has happened in the past: any American, anywhere in America, anyone talking to anyone. They can listen to that conversation because they have the entire phone call, the conversation recorded and stored.”

Bermas shows this article: 2013 CNN: All Telephone calls are recorded by the gov’t, not just the metadata!

Snowden What Don’t We Know About His Permanent Record?

Streamed live on Nov 13, 2019

Jason Bermas

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