(vid) Ron Paul EXCELLENT Today! – 17 Years After ‘Liberation,’ Iraq Again Designated US ‘Enemy’

RON PAUL TELLS IT STRAIGHT — the truth about US and Iraq!

Ron Paul is “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!” Great movie!

A rare man of integrity: Ron Paul!

9:20: Ron Paul says the US even pushed Iraq into attacking Iran, before we attacked and regime-changed Iraq! Not to mention how the CIA installed the Shah in 1953.

17 Years After ‘Liberation,’ Iraq Again Designated US ‘Enemy’


After the Iraqi parliament vote to end US troop presence, the US is in no mood to discuss abiding by the wishes of the Iraqi government. When Prime Minister Mahdi called Pompeo to discuss terms for US withdrawal, the Trump Administration threatened to seize billions of Iraqi dollars held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank…and to again put Iraq under sanctions. 17 years of war and we’re back to square one.


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