(vid) Veronica Clark aka Weronika Kuzniar: The Truth About German Racial Ideology – The Public Space with Host JF #117

Hitler saw the problem as race; though, I would say it’s mainly Talmudism and witchcraft (Africa), but the Nephilim theory can also play a role.

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JF is Jean-Francois Gariépy

47:40 “World Jewry literally decides to declare war on Germany simply for Adolf Hitler coming into power,” which was an international boycott.

“Most German Jews were against it…, and they tried to be very supportive of Hitler. … So unfortunately, for the German Jews, the majority, they had to suffer the consequences for what international Jewry was doing.”

The Zionists offered to stop the boycott if Hitler would agree to let the Jews emigrate to Palestine. Hitler accepted, but the British stopped the emigration.

1:19:00 Hitler was extremely consistent in that he just wanted the Jews expelled. [In other words, mine: there was no extermination plan — no gas chambers, only lice, Typhus and starvation, for the reasons I’ve often mentioned.]

1:22:45 Why “Hitler wasn’t Jewish at all.”

Clark has been accused of being transgender, which she says she is not.


THE PUBLIC SPACE 117 – The Truth About German Racial Ideology – JF Interviews Weronika Kuzniar

The Public Space #117 – “The Truth About German Racial Ideology” – JF Interviews Weronika Kuzniar
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