3 CA hospitals turn down Dr. Rowen’s offer to treat Covid-19 patients for free with ozone therapy


Dr. Robert J. Rowen
March 21 at 12:20 PM
This might give you all an idea of what we are up against. Today I reached out to 3 local hospitals and talked with their on-call specialists, offering to help to save lives and with no compensation for me. One was interested and asked me for information so that he could share. Another directed me to a different doctor. And the third was quite short with me. She had no interest, claiming she was busy with coronavirus patients. I said I have something that might save some lives. She curtly replied, “What is this therapy?” I replied, “oxidation”. In a growl, she said, “Thank you very much” and slammed the phone.

I am saddened by such arrogance, but the, that is the Church of Modern Medicine. At the same time, a hospital in New York is giving vitamin C to coronavirus patients. North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. The report says that the hospital has short resources of the vitamin C. One ozone machine and just one tank of oxygen could likely get the same results, but be able to do many thousands of treatments.

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