(vid) Abby Martin: Tulsi may not be as anti-war as she claims • Her ‘aloha’ support for Joe Biden

NOTE: I disagree with many things they say, being supporters of Bernie especially. Mike has a broken-in-half AR-15 tattoo on his arm (back of left forearm). But perhaps they’re saying things here that people need to know about Tulsi:

Tulsi’s “aloha” enthusiastic support for Biden. They’re disappointed she didn’t help Bernie.

She may not be as antiwar as she’s indicated.

What she said on the Jimmy Dore Show

Discussion about Tulsi begins at 1:50:40

Empire Files LIVE – COVID19, US Empire & Biden v. Bernie


Abby Martin and Mike Prysner discuss the pandemic, how it’s being used by the US Empire, and the developments in the Democratic Primary (including Biden missing, Bernie leading, Tulsi’s endorsement, Warren’s Super PAC & Yang’s new job).

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