8,000 Captives in Seattle – Some Raped & Beaten

They’re even raping men, kicking people’s doors down, robbing….

8,000 Captives in Seattle Some Raped & Beaten

Jun 20, 2020

Good evening, I’m still reporting on:  Good evening, This is horrible. I’m still reporting on 8,000 held captive in Seattle, some raped, robbed & beaten. We suspected this was happening, but now there is a 1st person account. This just can’t be happening in America. It must end. An anonymous person just put up this emergency broadcast. The time has come for the President to send in Delta Force and the Seals. He said tonight that this would take less than an hour. These Americans are suffering right now. The time of their little Communist experiment has come to an end. Even Seattle’s chief of police says there are rapes going in inside this area. [insert] Bikers for Trump have promised to ride into Seattle and retake the armed camp for America, but the President needs to move before it comes to vigilante justice.

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