(vid) NYC Covid Unit Nurse Nicole Sirotek: “These people aren’t dying from covid. Let me give you several examples here”

Stricken coronavirus nurse: ‘Gross negligence’ has patients dying at NYC hospitals

A nurse working the front lines of the coronavirus battle at New York City hospitals says “black lives don’t matter here” — and “gross negligence and complete medical mismanagement” are causing patients to die, according to a disturbing new video.

The health care worker, identified in the YouTube posting and by a pal as Nicole Sirotek of Elko, Nevada, said that when she tried to advocate for her black and Hispanic patients, she was quickly taken off their cases — and witnessed basic medical flubs that proved deadly for others.

“They don’t care what’s happening to these people. And I just have to keep watching them die. … Oh, God,” a stricken Sirotek says in the footage, referring to hospital higher-ups and patients.

She claimed an anesthesiologist improperly intubated a patient and that when the doctor was told, he refused to believe it and waited five hours before an X-ray confirmed the mistake. The patient died, she said. Another person was wrongly given chest compressions and passed away, Sirotek said, while someone was given the wrong insulin and died. (STORY)

Nicole Sirotek

May 4, 2020

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