Dan Fagan: Anchorage gay politicos abuse power to take choice away from parents

..three openly gay Assembly members, Christopher Constant, Felix Rivera and Austin Quinn-Davidson are pushing a ban prohibiting counselors from helping teenagers with unwanted same-sex desires.

The ordinance describes this type of counseling as relying on “outdated views of gender roles and identities as well as the negative stereotype that being a sexual or gender minority or identifying as LGBTQ is an abnormal aspect of human development.”

The ordinance does not carve out an exemption for clergy meaning a pastor would be prohibited from helping a teenager in their congregation wanting help from unwanted same-sex attraction.

“The use of sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts, also known as ‘conversion therapy,’ is harmful and too often youth are subjected to it and have no say in the decision for its use” the ordinance reads in part.

The ordinance backers must believe one of two things; There’s no such thing as unwanted same-sex attraction or if there is, such a person should not be allowed to get the help they desire.


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