JP Sears: How a Civil War Could Start! — “What happens when you give a child a toy? …then what happens if you take that toy away?”

JP Sears knows how people think, transcribed by me.

The media called the election for Biden without having authority to do so, but many believe it’s fact.

5:10 “These people over here [the left], what happens to them if they find out Trump is the legal winner of the election after many weeks of believing and feeling with absolute certainty that Biden that Biden has won the election? Answer: emotional hysteria, and they won’t believe the real election results. … Do you see how far from reality these people have been led by the media? The larger the divide the more tension there is to erupt.”

What happens when you give a child a toy? …then what happens if you take that toy away? Because the child believes it was their toy, they feel like you’ve wronged them, so they’re willing to explode with emotional hysteria and destroy the house. Except in this case, the house is our country.

But when you factor in we’re living in the year the media has already established that rioting is okay. Then the child has been basically given permission to destroy the house, cause ‘we’ve already practiced it.'”

“Who are these people [the globalists who pull the strings]? I don’t know. They stay behind scenes because darkness loses power in the light.

“But this orchestrated mess of a civil war can only happen if you let the media do your thinking for you. If you truly think for yourself then the highly emotionally charged hysteria needed to create rioting and the civil war simply won’t build up inside of you. Instead, you’ll have peace inside of you, and you’ll be contributing to a better world.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the people unless the person chooses to control their own narrative, which you can do.”

Ironic that YouTube put this notice under the video, since JP just said the media and social media have no legal right to call the election.

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*The AP has called* the Presidential race for Joe Biden. See more on Google.

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How a Civil War Could Start!

Nov 12, 2020


Here’s the scenario of how a Civil War could start! Post 2020 election with the Associated Press announcing Biden as the winner yet the official vote count, recounts, and legal challenges are still in process, The wheels could potentially be set in motion for a Civil War if Donald Trump is found to be the legal winner of the election. Here’s how it could all happen!

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