Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been PERMANENTLY BANNED – w/ Minds CEO

January 8th, 2021 — historic, devastating day for free speech online. Twitter permanently bans Trump! Rush Limbaugh leaves Twitter in solidarity. [Panel thought Limbaugh was banned too.]

2:29:20 TIM: ‘The reset’ is about recalibrating the people. That’s what they mean by ‘the reset.’


2:29:30 Tim: the left will snap if they stop getting welfare or Covid payments. The right will snap if the government lets inflation skyrocket, so they can’t keep their businesses going.

Bit Coin may go to $1 million.

Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been PERMANENTLY BANNED, Democrats WILL Impeach w/ Minds CEO


Guest: Minds CEO Bill Ottman @ Minds.com/Ottman

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