Debate: Was the American Revolution a Mistake?

The parts to watch are here. The rest is insignificant and boring, in my opinion:

5:50 Peter Helland’s excellent points for 8 minutes!

1:11:20 Al Shire Tory: It was not a united front. The majority were never in favor of the war of independence. There was 15-20% for staying with England, and the patriots never achieved over 50%.

1:17:20 Masonic influence

Was the American Revolution a Mistake

Mar 24, 2021


Peter Helland was invited to join Apostolic Majesty – a title given to the Kings of Hungary and used since the time of Maria Theresa by the King Himself.  A new organization, Apostolic Majesty initiated this podcast debate.  Two of the debaters argued in the Affirmative and two debaters argued in the Negative.  The debate question was as follows: was the American Revolution a mistake?  Peter Helland obviously argued: that it was.  His chief argument seems to be derived from John Wesley and his successor John Fletcher who wrote in 1775 and 1776 that the American theological position was dangerously wrong because it argued that Authority comes from the consent of the governed and not from Jesus Christ.  They prophecy-ed that this theological revolution would overturn all authority and all subordination in the world if given the chance.

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