North Korean Defector Shares HORRIFYING Story Of Life In North Korea And Her Great Escape To America

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300,000 N. Korean refugees in China, mostly human trafficked women, since China’s one-child policy aborted so many Chinese women, causing the wife shortage.

54:30 Kim Jong-un is waiting for the west to be weakened before nuking US.

1:23:30 “You have to be a liar in a communist society all the time in order to survive.” – China Uncensored

1:26:00 China plays a 30-minute news show on every channel every day showing how dangerous, violent, racist and bad the USA is.

1:49:45 N. Korean officials can sexually have any woman they want, hundreds. Lust parties.

158 S. Korea’s leader is communist leaning

204 Watch a movie or read the Bible and get executed in N. Korea.

⁠Her book: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

Timcast IRL – North Korean Yeonmi Park Joins, Says Woke Is CRAZIER Than NK Is w/China Uncensored


Guests: Chris Chapelle, Shelly Zhang

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@ChinaUncensored, @ShelZhang (Twitter)

Podcasts: China Unscripted, America Uncovered (all podcast platforms)

Yeomni Park

@Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park (YouTube)

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