Witches: The New Feminism?

In French with English subtitles

Jun 30, 2021

Journeyman Pictures

For millennia, witches held a powerful role in society with their nurturing and healing powers. While the advent of modern medicine took this power away, some women are turning back to ancient practices in a quest to reconnect with the vitality of nature and find their inner power.

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Promoted via social media and celebrated during coven gatherings, witchcraft is gaining popularity. Being a witch is for some an important feminist symbol. ‘We’re not yet in an equal world. We’re not there yet, even if a lot of things have been done,’ says 37-year-old Virginie Kyriakopoulos, a Lausanne lawyer who advocates her interest in witchcraft. Natacha works as a yoga therapist in Geneva, but also performs healing rituals as a witch. ‘I live in the city, in an urban environment, and I think that coming here and practicing these rituals, for me, is a welcome break,’ explains one of Natacha’s clients. For Natacha, the connection to the earth is powerful. ‘And when I walk on Earth, I get naked and drink my blood, I reconnect to this power,’ she explains.

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