Skousen: Afghanistan Invasion Began and Ends in a Lie — “Bin Laden was never anything but a CIA controlled mercenary who had nothing to do with planning the attacks on 9/11”

World Affairs Brief, August 20, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Almost everything about American involvement in Afghanistan has been a lie, from the original excuse to invade after 9/11 to the notion that no one could have predicted how quickly Afghanistan security would collapse as the US withdrew. As Thomas DiLorenzo writes, after a close study of true history, “ realizes the breath-taking enormity of the lies and falsehoods about American history that have been concocted by generations of court historians in service of the state and statism – of the ruination of America.” The Biden administration and its servile generals were warned by military intelligence not to evacuate the Bagram military base until after all US and NATO personnel and their camp followers had been evacuated, but they did so anyway. As U.S. Army veteran and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell said“our generals are more concerned about fighting Tucker Carlson than they were the Taliban.” During the 20 years of occupation and conflict, military officials continually lied to Congress about both the claimed military successes and the continued need for a military presence in the country supposedly to keep “terrorism from descending upon America.” The phony war on terror has been the defining fib that has driven everything about US occupation of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was never anything but a CIA controlled mercenary who had nothing to do with planning the attacks on 9/11. The US claimed that Afghanistan was harboring bin Laden and al Qaeda to cover for other globalist agendas. It was a lie, and so was the raid in Pakistan that claimed to have killed him. But after 20+ years of useless intervention warfare, and failed nation building, even the globalists saw it was time to pull the plug on this hell hole of money and bloodshed—but only because they hope to achieve other evil agendas in the process. …

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