Minnesota Nurses Speak Out: Patients aren’t getting what they need to survive – left to die. Hospitals don’t get funding if they step outside of the mandated protocols.

56:10 Nurse: one of the misconceptions: “They think that people are getting the best care, that they’re getting all the things that will help them, and they’re not. People are going to the hospital to die.”

57:50 Nurse: “Previously before Covid, if anybody had a respiratory illness, they would treat it totally differently than how they’re treating it right now. If they were in the hospital, they would make them get up and walk, make them do breathing treatments, breathing exercises. They would pretreat them for bacterial infection. All of these things are not getting done with a respiratory illness. … We are putting them in a bed, making them lay there and not move. A person in a bed is dead. I’m sorry, but you get them up and move them.

And the protocols that they initiate in the hospital, you don’t step out of that or you don’t get funding.”

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Minnesota State Rep. Erik Mortensen hosted a second town hall featuring nurses who shared their experiences with the coronavirus vaccine. Attendees described the pressure they face to receive the shot, the allegedly subpar treatment given to unvaccinated.

Minnesota nurses town hall featuring Rep. Erik Mortensen (part 2)

Sep 21, 2021


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