Dr. Zink to lead national group that pushes vax mandates, state surveillance of citizens – Alaska Watchman

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All this would be irrelevant if Zink would disassociate herself from her grandfather’s radical legacy, but in the NPR article, she openly discusses her endorsement of him. “I think about him all the time,” she said, “particularly in this world of trying to understand exponential growth, and trying to keep our state from getting into a place of exponential growth.”

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Dr. Zink to lead national group that pushes vax mandates, state surveillance of citizens – Alaska Watchman

By AlaskaWatchman.com

In 2019, Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed Dr. Anne Zink to serve as Alaska’s chief medical officer, advising him on how to create and implement medical policy across the state. This coming March, she is about to vastly expand her influence when she takes over as president of a powerful nonprofit that helps craft health care positions across the nation.

This past spring, Zink was appointed president-elect of the Association of State & Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), a group that represents leaders of public health agencies throughout the U.S. and its territories, along with more than 100,000 public health professionals that these agencies employ. …

ASTHO crafts policy positions in order to provide “strategic direction” for federal and state authorities. This includes advocating for vaccine mandates and digital vax passports, massive expansion of government surveillance, expanded welfare programs, population control measures through publicly funded contraception and abortion, explicit sex education programs and much more.

According to the organization’s website, it also fully ascribes to notions pushed by Critical Race Theory, namely that America suffers from implicit, structural and systemic racism. ASTHO’s website says this must be addressed through “anti-racism and cultural humility training sessions” for health care providers and policy makers.

The ASTHO website even has something to say about voting, by advising states to adopt more liberal policies with regards to expanding mail-in ballots. …

Click here to view all of ASTHO’s policy positions.



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