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A Petition to Fire Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink

  • Whereas, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy appointed Dr. Anne Zink as his administration’s Chief Medical Officer, and refuses to listen to, or act on any medical position contradicting her recommendations;

    Whereas, Dr. Zink supports and endorses an unscientific, “one size-fits all,” approach to universal application of experimental COVID-19 shots for nearly all Alaskans;

    Whereas, Dr. Zink lies about the importance and necessity of experimental “vaccines” in reducing COVID-19 infection risks in pregnant women, the unborn, children as young as 5 years, and those who have developed natural immunity; despite contradictory evidence of the much greater risk for vaccine injury, adverse reactions, and death for each of these groups;

    Whereas, Dr. Zink denies and refuses to acknowledge considerable scientific evidence showing the effectiveness of alternative COVID-19 prevention and therapy protocols;

    Whereas, Dr. Zink does not support or respect the rights of Alaskans to maintain medical privacy, secure informed consent before receiving experimental treatment, or to try alternative prevention and therapeutic interventions;

    Whereas, when questioned by Republican members of the Alaska House of Representatives’ Health and Social Services Committee, concerning these many issues and more, Dr. Zink refused to respond;

    Whereas, Dr. Zink serves at the pleasure of the Governor;

    Whereas, the Governor is either unwilling or unable to fire Dr. Zink under his own initiative;

    Therefore, the undersigned hereby petition and implore Alaska Governor Michael J. Dunleavy to address and honor these grievances by taking the following administrative actions:

    • Immediately fire Dr. Anne Zink from her position as Alaska Chief Medical Officer.
    • Immediately appoint a new Chief Medical Officer who will vow to uphold the Constitution of the State of Alaska and to support and defend patient rights to medical freedom, privacy, informed consent and the right to both access and try prevention and treatment protocols prescribed by their physician.

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