The Tragic Truth of Taylor Hawkins, Nirvana and the Seattle Sound — Dark therapy that doesn’t work | Grohl kills Hawkins in their Satanic 2022 movie ‘Studio 666’

Foo Fighter’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, is found dead in another tragic ending for an artist connected to so much of the music that made its way out of Seattle in the 1990’s and into the mainstream. We take a look at how the grunge movement really has been devastated by the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle that it has perpetuated in the world.

NARRATOR @10:05 “When it comes to the grunge scene and so much of the music, this is the therapy of so many of these artists, when they are singing these songs after being bullied an so forth in high school, or whatever it may be, many of which became dropouts. …

They, themselves were ‘normal’ people who had their own problems and anxieties, and instead of casting them on Someone Who can truly take away those burdens and take away those anxieties, they thought that screaming and singing about them would provide for them a purpose and a hope that it simply did not provide.”

12:28 In the Foo Fighters movie, ‘Studio 666’ (2022), Dave Grohl becomes possessed and kills Taylor Hawkins: Trailer

Taylor Hawkins was found with over 10 types of drugs in his system.

The Tragic Truth of Taylor Hawkins, Nirvana and the Seattle Sound

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