OCTOBER 07, 2016

Zachary King, an ex-satanic high wizard who converted to Catholicism, stated that the seemingly innocuous games “Bloody Mary” and “Dungeons and Dragons” led him to Satanism.

In an interview with Church Militant, King revealed that one of his first encounters with the occult was the apparition of a face when he played “Bloody Mary,” a game that involved the repetition of the phrase in front of a mirror to invoke a spirit.

King,  who also played “Dungeons and Dragons,” began to wonder whether magic really worked so he tried casting spells and came to the realization that it was real. He eventually joined a satanic coven where he was required to sign a blood contract and sell his soul to the devil.

He claimed to have performed spells for politicians, musicians and other powerful leaders who wanted to achieve worldly success with Satan’s help.

“When I was a satanist one of my jobs was to get rock stars or celebrities to sell their soul,” said King. “The way you do that is you have a meeting with somebody and you ask them what are they willing to do to get famous?,” he added.

“Satan doesn’t want the person that draws the line in the sand,” King continued. “He wants the person that’s willing to jump in the mud and be [dragged] through it. And if you’re willing to do that, then he will skip all the way to Hell with you,” King said.