• A hospital study published in June 2022 revealed that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle and nasal rinse protected against COVID-19 better than the jab
  • When food grade H2O2 is nebulized for approximately 30 minutes in normal saline it also reaches your sinuses and lungs where it can kill the virus, augment your natural defense system and may help stop an ongoing infection in the lungs and upper respiratory tract

Hospital Study Shows H2O2 Prevents COVID-19

In August 2022, a study9,10 of over 4,000 patients and 89 health care staff in a hospital in Ghana revealed the results of those who used hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle and nasal rinse daily as a preventive against COVID-19.11

The researchers compared the data between two hospitals in Ghana where individuals who were vaccinated or not vaccinated either used H2O2 prophylactically or did not. The effect on inpatients was also recorded. They found that in the 89 health care staff members who used the H2O2 preventively, only one contracted COVID-19 and that person had discontinued using the rinses.

None of the greater than 4,000 patients who were treated with H2O2 got COVID-19. In another hospital, 424 staff members were fully vaccinated; 34 of those used hydrogen peroxide and none developed COVID-19. Of the remaining 390 health care staff, 53 developed COVID-19.

In another group of 78 unvaccinated staff, 23 used hydrogen peroxide and none of them contracted COVID-19. In the remaining group, 35 got COVID-19. The results from this study suggested that H2O2 was more effective at preventing COVID-19 than the jab.

The participants used 1% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and diluted hydrogen peroxide to 0.5% for the nasal cavity rinse. The treatment was done only once daily.

The researchers concluded, “Regular, daily HPA [hydrogen peroxide antisepsis] protects HCWs [health care workers] from COVID-19 and curtails nosocomial spread of SARS-CoV-2.”12 This is important since infections in the hospital are more easily transmitted when staff have greater face-to-face exposure with patients and each other.

The data from the August 22 study confirmed an earlier observational report13 by the same team on two groups of health care workers. In the earlier results, the researchers found that 89 of 944 health care workers who did not use hydrogen peroxide tested positive for COVID-19 in the study period. During the same time, 154 health care workers used the hydrogen peroxide treatment and 100% of those tested negative.

A Nebulizer Drives the Hydrogen Peroxide Even Deeper

In April 2021, I interviewed Dr. Thomas Levy,14 board-certified cardiologist who is best known for his work with vitamin C. We discussed the use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which has become my favorite intervention for the treatment and prevention of viral illnesses.

H2O2 is part of your body’s natural defense system, so using nebulized H2O2 just augments your body’s natural defense system. However, as I discuss in the video above, it’s essential that you mix the solution appropriately, use normal saline to protect your lung tissue and use the treatment until all the fluid in the chamber has evaporated, often taking approximately 30 minutes.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide also requires the use of a food-grade product that does not have the stabilizers and chemical preservatives found in the H2O2 bottle on drugstore shelves. It is also important to use distilled water or saline, since tap water can contain a deadly amoeba.15 Your gastrointestinal tract can adequately take care of this pathogen but inhaling it into your lungs can cause significant damage.

One of the benefits of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is that it disperses the H2O2 throughout your mouth, nasal cavity, sinuses, throat and lungs. This is especially powerful if you have been exposed to a viral illness or are sick.

Nebulized H2O2 can help kill viral particles in your respiratory tract but does not reach any viral particles in the rest of your body. Therefore, using nebulized H2O2 after exposure or in the early hours of a respiratory infection may help stop an infection in its tracks.

If you miss the early window to prevent an infection, using the treatment also helps to protect your lungs from developing pneumonia, which can be deadly in those with COVID-1916,17 or flu.18