Alaska State Senator Lora Reinbold wrote this on her Facebook page, 7/25/22 about Gov. Dunleavy:

Another reason why I’m done with Done-leavy! He was not true to his campaign promises keeping Alaska “open for business” — instead he unconstitutionally shut us down, closed private & public schools, forced masks in all state buildings, viciously attacked me as I questioned his 18 unnecessary & unconstitutional mandates.

The Done-leavy administration has a bizarre obsession with ineffective & potentially very harmful mrna shots via Dr Zink & Commisioner Crum. Sadly Alaskans shut their business & lost their jobs as he imposed fear & was silent to the cries of Alaskans. Mike Dunleavy was very loyal to special interests. He bloated budgets, cut the PFD and originally voted for Sb91 crime bill & has a pro Sb91 individual (Jordan) helping manage his campaign. He stood down, not tall to tyranny!

Vote Charlie Pierce for Governor who kept Kenai Peninsula Open & Lt Gov & Col Grunwald who will be tough on crime!