Monte @ 33:20:

“My wife got on the Cymbalta. Before that, she followed me anywhere, and did anything I said. It was always my idea to lead. I brought us up here. … When the doctor gave her that Cymbalta, it blocked her feelings. She didn’t cry no more. Her father died, and she didn’t even cry when her daddy died. I saw right then how much it changed her.

Also, in her driving, she was a slow driver, mellow. When she took that Cymbalta, buddy, she was the first one away from those red lights. She was a combat driver. She just turned into a different person with that Cymbalta.

That’s why she’s no longer here anymore, Dan.”

She left, because they couldn’t get along when she was on the Cymbalta, which she couldn’t kick, then she died from cancer.

Dan Fagan Show/Thursday 7/28/2022