Dan was on fire this morning, 8/9/2022. Some quotes I transcribed:

“8/8/2022, yesterday will be the day that we moved closer to a banana republic than imaginable when the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home.”

“Do not dismiss the significance of what happened in America yesterday.”

“We are at war. The games are over. They raided Donald Trump’s home!”

“It’s no longer an option to sit on our couch and watch Netflix all night, and not pay attention to what’s going on in the world.”

Dan quotes Dick Morris:

“Every banana republic in the world – and I’ve worked all over the world – arrests their former presidents. They go to jail and they get tried, and inevitably, they get found guilty, and they usually get condemned to house arrest.”

“And if we start doing that in the United States, we are sunk.”

“We are at war. We are at war. They seized the home of Donald J. Trump yesterday. We are at war!”

“If we look the other way like we did with Covid, we will lose this nation so fast.”

“They are testing us. The Huepers were a test. The Covid lockdowns were a test — shutting down churches; shutting down businesses, making us wear those ridiculous face diapers; making us get this experimental vaccine that’s killing people.”

“If we let this slide like we let all the Covid stuff slide, I think it’s probably over.”