Former NSA Agent Russel Tice on MSNBC 6/21/13, transcribed by me:

“NSA, today, is collecting everythingincluding content – of every digital communication in this country, both computer and phone, and that information is being stored indefinitely. And that’s something that they’re lying about. And that facility out there in Utah is online right now.”

Host Craig Melvin asks Tice about this Guardian article, 6/20/13: The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant

“The FISA court is being used as a screen to be able to use information that ultimately they can use to throw at somebody in a court of law with a grand jury. They did that when they threw the grand jury at me, and they did that to Jim Risen, when they put him up against the grand jury, where they say ‘we have these digital records that you called this person and this source,’ but they won’t discuss what you said; even though, they had word-for-word everything that you’ve said. But they won’t use that in a court of law, and they’ll fall back to the FISA court to say that’s how they had justification just to get the metadata.”


Bombshell: Fmr. Intelligence Agent Accuses NSA, Obama Of Lying, Alleges Broader Spying Programs

By Noah Rothman Jun 21st, 2013

On Friday, MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin interviewed former U.S. Air Force intelligence Agent Russell Tice about the revelations surrounding the National Security Agency’s monitoring of Americans’ digital and electronic communications. Tice accused a variety of administration officials, including President Barack Obama, of disseminating outright falsehoods in their efforts to explain those programs. He added that those programs are far broader than any government official has said up to this point.