I started studying how mind-control works late last century, when I discovered the globalists have been using it to take down America. Child sexual abuse is a key component in mind-control, since many of those abused disassociate in order to minimize the trauma.

Many founders of psychology were abused themselves, and then became abusers, so their theories have covered up the problems more than solved them.

Psychology also never considers how demons affect people emotionally, and how demons drive all types of lust and are probably involved in all psychosis that they’re trying to say are “normal” now.

Psychology tried to downplay child sexual abuse and mind-control, inventing the false memory syndrome excuse. Talmudists need to destroy US society to bring in their NWO and “messiah.” They invented and control modern psychology.

Author Nick Bryant has been documenting how sexual abuse in America, including its use to blackmail many US politicians and famous people.

I highly recommend his video podcasts, which just started this year!

Aug 19, 2022

Dr Ashley Conway is a UK psychologist with over 25 years of professional experience. He has worked in a wide range of environments that include National Health Service primary care, private psychiatric hospitals, London teaching hospitals, and his own clinic. He is the co-editor of Trauma and Memory: The Science and the Silenced. nickbyrantnyc.com patreon.com/thenickbryantpodcast twitter: nick__bryant