Dr. Pierre Kory: A national VITAMIN D campaign to get levels above 50 would have changed the face of Covid!


Dr. Pierre Kory @ Sen. Johnson’s forum: A national vitamin D campaign could have protected us from Covid mortality. The only thing they recommended was Tylenol Dec. 2022

High Enough Vitamin D – Freedom From Covid Fear — Summary Info / Studies / How Much to Take / New Standards

July 14, 2022, Freedom Fest in Los Vegas

46:05  Del Bigtree, the question: “If you’re head of Health and Human Services tomorrow, Dr. Robert Malone and maybe you guys,  CDC and NIH, how should we move forward right now with all the knowledge we now have in this nation and around the world? How do we get out of this?”

49:25  Dr. Pierre Kory: “If I were ever put in charge of the response to this, first thing I would have done: a national public service campaign telling all the doctors to check the vitamin D levels of all their patients, and put them on a replenishment protocol, getting those levels above 50 [ng/ml]. If you had just done that simple thing, the government knows, and they’ve known for decades that in some estimates, 90% of our population is vitamin D deficient. And that’s deficient even according to their very low levels of vitamin D. Had we done a national vitamin D replenishment campaign , that would have changed the face of this [sweeping his hands to his sides, palms down].”

Del moderates an incredible panel of luminaries including Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Richard Urso, who unabashedly hit on the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine and the broader, systemic issues that triggered a public health catastrophe.

Dr. Kory’s statement on vitamin D at 49:25


Published October 13, 2022