Ethical to unconstitutionally lockdown America?: John Prine in critical condition for Covid-19 & serious underlying conditions (caused by heavy smoking)

The globalists will use this to pull people’s heartstrings so the people emotionally support this destroying America lockdown. Prine is no doubt an amazing singer and especially songwriter. I saw him perform in Anchorage this century.

It’s right to love all of the victims while considering these points:

A) Did they give him the nutrients he needs and natural remedies to help him speedily recover? Not likely. Did they allow Dr. Robert Rowen to treat Prine with ozone therapy? No, for sure on that one.

B) An Oral Cancer Foundation article says Prine was a “heavy smoker for 30 years,” which is no doubt the main reason for his oral and lung cancer surgeries, which leaves him vulnerable to Covid-19:

This article says:

Prine has survived cancer twice. In the late 1990s, he had surgery to remove cancer from his neck. The operation removed a piece of his neck and changed the tone of his voice, deepening it and giving it a gravelly sound. In 2013, he underwent surgery to remove cancer in his left lung.

Wikipedia says his lung was removed.

C) Prine is age-73.


We need to have big hearts, loving people of all ages in all conditions, wanting them to do well, which for me includes desiring they use natural remedies to overcome, which Big Pharma mostly ignores, and even rejects, as does the media.

The flu killed 60,000 people in 2018-19, which we didn’t unconstitutionally lockdown America for, or for more severe illnesses before that.

The top UK virologist, Neil Ferguson now says the majority of ‘CV deaths’ would have died anyway later this year.

In Italy, 99% who died had other illnesses, and 48.5% had three or more other illnesses. (link)

Dr. Fauci now admits: “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

To what degree will these unconstitutional lockdowns destroy Americans and the United States of America?

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Singer-songwriter John Prine critically ill with Covid-19

March 29, 2020

(vid) Ryan Dawson: Bernie Sanders Woodshed uncensored – What he’s ACTUALLY done: helped starve children, supported wars! Expanding gov’t not a solution!

Even betrayed Ron Paul!


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Skousen: Assange Extradition Hearings Expose Deep State Control — Not a criminal at all, treated like a terrorist!

World Affairs Brief, February 28, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


Few people have the stamina and patience to sit through days of a trial, but the extradition hearings going on now before a hand-picked UK court are important because they demonstrate what a lackey the UK courts are to the Deep State—not the US Deep State, necessarily, but the larger global Deep State that has infested the entire Western world. Few understand that the Deep State conspiracy of power is really an integral part of the larger globalist conspiracy, which controls not only our country but the UK and most of Western Europe. It is not just the total disregard for the Assange defense team’s able defense, but the continued harassment of Assange, even as he is treated like a caged animal in handcuffs while transported from prison to the courts. He isn’t even allowed to sit with his attorneys or have a privileged conversation with them without government officials eavesdropping. This treatment is unprecedented even for violent criminals and Assange isn’t a criminal at all. All the world now knows this after the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture documented how Swedish police manufactured the original rape charge (which has since been withdrawn) out of thin air. He isn’t even a white collar (financial) criminal, but a political prisoner for having exposed US Deep State illicit secrets via Wikileaks—making him an “enemy of the state.”

The ongoing treatment of Assange is literally unheard of in British courts, unless you go back to the 15th century. The UK Deep State, taking all its cues from the US, is trying Assange as if he were a terrorist, using all the anti-constitutional terror statutes. As one British blog writes, Continue reading “Skousen: Assange Extradition Hearings Expose Deep State Control — Not a criminal at all, treated like a terrorist!”

(vid) Dem Debate: Warren confronts Bloomberg’s “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians!”

Warren attacks: “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians.” Bloomberg doesn’t deny he said it. WoW!

Fireworks at 5:20 here! Bloomberg pressured to release his former female employees from their nondisclosure agreements — sexual harassment!

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Kobe Bryant’s Harry Potter-esque Wizenard Series Books For Young Readers—’Develop Your Own Inner Magic’

Kobe Bryant’s Books Are Bringing Sports Fantasy to Young Readers—’Develop Your Own Inner Magic’ 

Bryant set out last spring to create the next beloved YA book franchise with The Wizenard Seriesan intersection of Harry Potter-esque fantasy and traditional sports. On March 31, the second volume, The Wizenard Series: Season One will hit bookshelves, once again offering young readers magic, basketball and self-discovery.


Rep. Adam Schiff possibly exposed as double agent for Mossad, as social media post shows


Here is the strange 2017 Rep. Schiff Fathers Day post from Rep. Schiff’s social media that has surfaced this week online, and it almost looks like Rep. Schiff may be a double agent acting on behalf of Israel’s Mossad. We already had another confirmation this week highlighting that Epstein was part of a blackmail operation for Israel’s Mossad by a former CIA operative turned whistleblower, and now we have this 2017 social media post from Rep. Schiff surfacing where his son is wearing a Mossad t-shirt…That Schiff doesn’t seem to mind his son wearing. We already know Rep. Schiff is very heavily involved with the Ukraine as well as many other Demcrats and other countries like China…But this makes it obvious that the selling out of America goes much further than just China and the Ukraine. Continue reading “Rep. Adam Schiff possibly exposed as double agent for Mossad, as social media post shows”

(vid) Christopher Bollyn’s Presentation at NYC 9/11 Firefighter Rudy Dent’s Home!

Christopher Bollyn at 9/11 firefighter Rudy Dent’s home garden party in 2016, hastily arranged after Zionists threatened to ruin the business of the man who had booked it in his theater, and was forced to cancel it. This presentation shows why Zionists are so scared….

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(vid) Jake: Who Is Wolfgang Halbig & What Is His REAL Agenda?

Jake writes in his video notes:

Wolfgang Halbig has built his reputation on tormenting the families of dead Sandy Hook school children, calling the parents “crisis actors” and demanding they exhume their children’s dead bodies. From the bully pulpit of the InfoWars platform, Halbig & Jones have asked thousands of inane questions, suggesting everything is a dark conspiracy.

Well, it’s time that we turn the tables and ask some questions about Wolfgang Halbig – where he came from, why there are so many discrepancies in his personal background, why he supported gun control candidates, why he originally said Sandy Hook was a real event, and why he has such passion about supporting the Zionist government of Israel. Continue reading “(vid) Jake: Who Is Wolfgang Halbig & What Is His REAL Agenda?”

Alex Jones & Wolfgang Halbig Retreat from Sandy Hook Claims

“Wolfgang Halbig… used to boldly proclaim with certainty that NO children died. Faced with the inability to prove his defamatory actions, Halbig has changed his story — saying to one newspaper that people DID die at Sandy Hook and telling another that he doesn’t know one way or the other….” – Jake Morphonios Continue reading “Alex Jones & Wolfgang Halbig Retreat from Sandy Hook Claims”

C-SPAN Video – Mineta: Cheney gave STAND DOWN ORDER on 9/11 — 757 allowed to hit the Pentagon

Dick Cheney was one of the PNAC members, who is also known for allowing the 757 to hit the Pentagon, as Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission, who then excluded Mineta’s testimony from their report, but C-SPAN had aired it.


(vid) Norman Mineta confirms Cheney’s 9/11 stand-down order – Pentagon 757 strike allowed

A PNAC Primer: How We Got Into This Mess – “A New Pearl Harbor” — Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, John Bolton…

– –

Mineta’s Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) testimony was also edited out of the 9/11 Commission video archive.

When questioned about this, representatives at the National Archive stated that the video may have been lost because of a ‘snafu’. Following is a brief summary of the scrubbed video along with links to recently obtained C-SPAN video.

Mineta responds to an opening question by Commissioner Hamilton about the events in the PEOC and an alleged shoot down order. He describes a conversation between Cheney and a young man:

Mineta: “During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president “do the orders still stand?” And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??” Continue reading “C-SPAN Video – Mineta: Cheney gave STAND DOWN ORDER on 9/11 — 757 allowed to hit the Pentagon”

Deanna Spingola: Liars Lie – How Jim Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig Split the Truth Movement

December 19, 2017

Dr. James Fetzer is a genius at getting people to align into two sides and then getting them fighting about something that is based on speculations and claims that were never established evidence. This ensures that people do not look at the real evidence. Evidence does not have a side and does not necessitate a so-called debate. Some people insist on facts, and do their own research while others just accept theories and opinions. Fetzer is also brilliant when it comes to dispensing ad homonyms while regularly claiming that others engage in such despicable behavior.


(vid) Wolfgang Halbig’s Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Debunked

4:35 The dash cam videos Halbig received did have the time stamps.

8:45 “The mountain of evidence to show that school was operational is overwhelming, and it’s all online. …”

15:50 Halbig’s false statements about Columbine, including his involvement

33:53 “I read the report” questioned on air with Deanna Spingola.

36:23 EMTs and paramedics were allowed in the school

38:50 Raising money with John B. Wells’ help. Could “the love of money” be one of Halbig’s motivations?

47:44 The “little girl” incident spin

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