Putin Launches “War On US Shale” After Dumping MbS & Breaking Up OPEC+ / Saudi Arabia Responds with All-Out Oil War — Putin upset at US for pipeline sanctions

The US  imposed sanctions on companies working on Russia’s massive flagship gas pipeline project to Germany. Putin has now retaliated:

“The Kremlin has decided to sacrifice OPEC+ to stop U.S. shale producers and punish the U.S. for messing with Nord Stream 2.”

Two article below explain the drama. Kurt Richard Haskell summed up what’s going on:

I don’t think they’re blaming two separate parties. Saudi Arabia wanted to raise prices but Russia said no, we’re keeping prices at $45 per barrel, which resulted in the first article. Later, Mohammed Bin Salman and Saudi Arabia threw a temper tantrum over this and decided to drop prices way lower than what Russia wanted. Saudi Arabia responded to Russia by making prices so low that its competition will go bankrupt. It’s now a race to the bottom in the oil industry. One article is before Saudi Arabia responded and one article is after it responded. Continue reading “Putin Launches “War On US Shale” After Dumping MbS & Breaking Up OPEC+ / Saudi Arabia Responds with All-Out Oil War — Putin upset at US for pipeline sanctions”

(vid) Rabbi Dovid Elezrie 2019: PUTIN, KGB, CHABAD, & MOSSAD — “There is a lot of quiet deals between Russia and Israel that you know nothing about”

David (Dovid) Eliezrie is a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and the founder and Director of North County Chabad Center and spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Meir HaCohen in Yorba Linda, California. (Wikipedia)

Key part begins at 12:45

14:30 “Putin may not be good for Russia, but he’s definitely good for the Jews of Russia.”

15:45 “There is a lot of quiet deals between Russia and Israel that you know nothing about.”

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[Massive Database] Israel, Russia and Jewish Power

Compilation from Joseph Davis

Jewish Power, Israel and Russia

Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch puppet https://youtu.be/uEOom6Pr35I
Putin Dossier https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/putin-dossier/
Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78372/bin-exclusive-sanhedrin-asks-putin-trump-build-third-temple-jerusalem/
Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish
200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn | A History of the Russians and the Jews
https://thechosenites.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/200-years-together.pdf [Audiobook Part 1 & Part 2]
[1924] Communism Among Jewish Children in Russia
Jews created communism
The Jews and the Communization of Russia
Holodomor | The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Soviet Ukraine
[1930] Freiheit Calls on Jews to Desert Zionism, Back Soviets
Borscht Belt: Will Israel Spurn America for Russia? http://observer.com/2015/01/borscht-belt-will-israel-spurn-america-for-russia/
The Partition Plan, November 29, 1947: Soviet Support for Establishing Israel in Perspective https://www.jewishlinknj.com/features/21933-the-partition-plan-november-29-1947-soviet-support-for-establishing-israel-in-perspective
“the Soviets had shipped Czech weapons to the IDF in 1948” and supported Jewish statehood at a crucial moment, including in the United Nations partition vote in 1947. The ties went deeper than any political alliance: For many, Zionism was an avowedly secular pro-labor movement with the same utopian aims as Communism itself.
Stalin’s Jews | We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html
Henry Kissinger’s criminal sale of nuclear weapons technology to Soviet Russia – Antony Sutton https://youtu.be/bMa6NaRZcqA
Back in the USSR? | ‘Putin is recreating the Soviet Union as he thinks it should have been,’ says Natan Sharansky’s former Hebrew teacher, ‘without the anti-Semitism.’ ‘I don’t know where Russia would be without him,’ says the Chabad chief rabbi. ‘For the Jews, it’s a miracle’ https://www.timesofisrael.com/back-in-the-ussr/
Putin Welcomes Kissinger: ‘Old Friends’ to Talk Shop
[2013] Russia Hires Goldman as Corporate Broker to Boost Image
[1992] Russia Hires Goldman Sachs as Adviser
Goldman Sachs | Russia
How Russia Created a Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center Even Vladimir Putin Can Tolerate | “Putin was so moved by this idea that he donated one month of his salary toward the creation of the museum. Shortly after this, the FSB (the Federal Security Service, formerly the KGB) pledged its support by providing documents from its archives. Close ties between the Chabad-Lubavitch leadership and Putin’s regime, as well as Putin’s widely publicized support, created the perception that the museum-in-the-making would be an officially sanctioned institution, even though it would be created with private funds.” https://forward.com/culture/art/328682/how-russia-created-a-jewish-museum-and-tolerance-center-even-vladimir-putin/
#Duginism = Russian New World Order 2.0
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.
The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin | Where Trump’s real estate world meets a top religious ally of the Kremlin.
Life After Putin: The Jared Kushner of Russia | The putative son-in-law is the son of Nikolay Shamalov [Jewish], one of Putin’s longtime friends and hockey buddies. “Putin made Shamalov Jr. a billionaire and effected a transfer of wealth to the next generation,” Dawisha says. Nikolay is also a shareholder in Rossiya Bank — described by the BBC as the “personal bank” of Russian oligarchs — and was sanctioned by the U.S. and EU after tensions mounted over the annexation of Crimea in 2014, along with several other Russian banks and businessmen. https://www.ozy.com/provocateurs/life-after-putin-the-jared-kushner-of-russia/78911
At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires
An Emerging Alliance: Russia and Israel | It helps to have more than a million Russian-born Israelis inside one’s borders.
The core of this growing alliance is the more than one million Israeli citizens who were born in the former Soviet Union. Between 1970 and 1988, only 291,000 Jews, and their non-Jewish relatives, were allowed to leave the Soviet Union (165,000 went to Israel, and 126,000 went to the United States).
In 1989, Mikhail Gorbachev ended restrictions on Jewish emigration, in part for better relations with the United States. From 1989 to 2006, 1.6 million Soviet Jews, and their family members, left the former Soviet Union (979,000 went to Israel, 325,000 to the U.S. and 219,000 to Germany).
Earlier this year, President Putin said, “Russia and Israel have developed a special relationship primarily because 1.5 million Israeli citizens come from the former Soviet Union, they speak the Russian language, are the bearers of Russian culture, Russian mentality. They maintain relations with their relatives and friends in Russia, and this make the interstate relations very special.”
Russia’s role in the Middle East provides a mixture of tension and relief for Israel. In terms of relief, part of Israel’s emergence as the high-tech Start-Up Nation can be attributed to its Russian-speaking émigrés. In 1989, there were only 30,000 engineers and 15,000 doctors in Israel. The Soviet emigrants to Israel in 1989 and 1990 alone included 57,000 engineers and 12,000 doctors.
In 2005, Russia forgave 73 percent of the $13.4 billion Soviet-era debt Syria owed to Russia. In return, Syria has bought billions of dollars of Russian weaponry.
Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi in Israel succeeded, in part because of many talented Russians who sought to turn their idea into a successful company. The Russian diaspora in the United States and Israel can help modernize the Russian economy.
Israel also needs Russia, as well. Israel’s Start-Up Nation has been fueled by one million Russian-speaking Israelis. For this economic miracle to continue, the Israelis will need more engineers from the former Soviet Union. The Russian-speaking Israelis will have plenty of talent to choose from in the former Soviet Union. According the World Economic Forum, in 2015, Russia graduated 454,000 engineers and Ukraine graduated 130,000 engineers. https://spectator.org/an-emerging-alliance-russia-and-israel/
Israel’s former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country | Russian-speaking Jews who arrived over the past 20 years have integrated little, but influenced everything from culture to politics: “For many years the joke was that Israel had become the 51st state of the US. Instead, we have become just another Soviet republic. It’s quite a twist in the story.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/aug/17/israel-soviet-immigrants-transform-country

Yitzhak Shamir, the Prime Minister Who Spied on Me | Shamir’s most important contribution was convincing the U.S. administration under President George Bush Sr. to desist from issuing refugee visas to Soviet Jews.

Up to 1989, Jews leaving the USSR could choose to immigrate either to the United States or to Israel, with many choosing the U.S. Shamir was opposed to this “defection,” as it was termed at the time. He believed Jews ought to settle in Israel, whether they were from a Russian gulag or Brooklyn. He persuaded the American government and U.S. Jewish organizations that the Soviet Jews weren’t refugees, that they had a homeland in Israel. Then the floodgates of the collapsing Soviet Empire opened wide, and a million Jews along with their relatives immigrated to Israel. Had Shamir not insisted, today, many of them would have been living on the shores of the Hudson River. https://www.haaretz.com/yitzhak-shamir-the-prime-minister-who-spied-on-me-1.5191431

Shamir Wants U.S. Pressure on Emigrants | 80% Choose U.S.

The so-called “dropout” rate among Jews who leave the Soviet Union has reached as high as 80% in recent years. “Dropouts” are Jews who claim political refugee status from the United States when they reach Vienna rather than fly to Israel. http://articles.latimes.com/1987-02-10/news/mn-2379_1_united-statesHow Russia’s rich elite spend their billions in London | Wealthy [Jewish] oligarchs have become a fixture of the British landscape during the past 20 years. But what do they offer to the country’s culture? https://web.archive.org/web/20180318020756/https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/18/oligarchs-russia-elite-london-british-culture
ISRAEL SAID TO HAVE PASSED U.S. INTELLIGENCE TO SOVIETS http://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1991/10/21/israel-said-to-have-passed-us-intelligence-to-soviets/a39c073e-6de6-4d9e-bfd1-9d8b40bb1799/
Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin’s office | Shabtai Kalmanovich, a former Israeli double agent who penetrated Golda Meir’s government on behalf of the KGB, has been shot dead in Moscow.
According to the CIA, Kalmanovich was responsible for passing on to Moscow sensitive American intelligence that Israel had acquired from Jonathan Pollard, an American national now serving life in prison for spying for Israel. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/6489381/Former-Israeli-double-agent-shot-dead-near-Putins-office.html

Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy: The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul | When asked to spy for Israel’s Mossad, Israel’s CIA, Maxwell eagerly accepted because of his great love for Israel—although the money he made in Israel was also to his liking. Following a visit to Israel Maxwell said that he had traveled everywhere in the world and Israel was the only place where he felt at home. In Israel he found the faith he thought he had lost. Viewing himself as a savior of Israel’s ailing industries, he shrewdly bought ailing Israeli companies and turned them into successful enterprises. Some of the companies became covers for Mossad. Maxwell also used his many contacts in the Russian government to work tirelessly to enable Russian Jews to immigrate to Israel.
As Maxwell made his rounds from capital to capital, meeting world leaders and exchanging gossip with them, the Mossad used him as its eyes and ears. The spy agency saw him as someone who could pass through any door in any capital and learn secrets to which even the Mossad could not be privy. Maxwell also become a source of information for his intelligence contacts in the Eastern Bloc, including the KGB.
Robert Maxwell traveled the world and peddled Promis, software the Israelis stole from Inslaw, the American company that developed the program. Promis could track data on any target subject by querying and integrating information from innumerable electronic databases, without requiring reprogramming. The theft took place when the Mossad’s Rafi Eitan traveled to the United States impersonating an assistant prosecutor in the Israeli Ministry of Justice in Tel Aviv and met with William Hamilton, the inventor of Promis, at Inslaw. After his meeting with Hamilton, Eitan immediately went to the Department of Justice, and, through serendipity, acquired a copy of Promis. Eiten then worked through former Mossad agent Ari Ben Menashe, who found Yahuda Ben-Hanan in California’s Silicon Valley to construct a back door to the program. This enabled the Mossad to monitor Promis and obtain the information the program developed as it worked for all who used it—friend and foe alike. https://www.wrmea.org/2003-september/book-review-robert-maxwell-israel-s-superspy.html
Was Robert Maxwell a Soviet spy? FBI files reveal US fears the media mogul was working for Russia | In Britain, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office released files a decade ago which revealed they were concerned about Maxwell’s company and its links to the Soviet Union in the 1950s. However, they also wound down their investigation after failing to prove the claims. …
An internal FBI note added that there was no evidence of espionage activity ‘on the part of Robert Maxwell in the United States; however… (redacted).’
The FBI wrote back to Maguire saying: ‘You may desire to discreetly look into the activities of one Ian Robert Maxwell.’
In 1958, Senator Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of the two future US presidents, forwarded a letter from Yale University which raised further questions about Maxwell.
It said there were concerns he ‘may be engaged in a large scale effort to transmit scientific information to the Russians.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304361/Was-Robert-Maxwell-Soviet-spy-FBI-files-reveal-US-fears-reveal-media-mogul-working-Russia.html
The Taub Center for Israel Studies will host the University of Oxford’s Gabriel Gorodetsky for a public lecture, “Soviet Involvement in the Creation of the State of Israel: The Secret Diaries of Ivan Maisky, Stalin’s Wartime Ambassador in London” http://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2016/february/stalin-secret-diaries-soviet-involvement-in-the-creation-of-the-state-of-israelfeb-25-.html
The Maisky Diaries ed by Gabriel Gorodetsky, review: ‘a spectacular find’ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/the-maisky-diaries-gabriel-gorodetsky-review/
[Book] The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James’s, 1932-1943 Hardcover by Ivan Maisky (Author),‎ Gabriel Gorodetsky https://www.amazon.com/Maisky-Diaries-Ambassador-Jamess-1932-1943/dp/0300180675
Harry Hopkins, Soviet agent | But there are still many people alive who can remember when the chief confidant of President Franklin Roosevelt was a man named Harry Hopkins. And they will be understandably astonished to learn that in a message dated May 29, 1943, Iskhak Akhmerov, the chief Soviet “illegal” agent in the United States at the time, referred to an Agent 19 who had reported on discussions between Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Washington at which the agent had been present. Only Harry Hopkins meets the requirements for this agent’s identity. Small wonder that Akhmerov, in a lecture in Moscow in the early 1960s, identified Hopkins by name as “the most important of all Soviet wartime agents in the United States.”
It took 50 years to bludgeon Alger Hiss’ defenders into admitting that this suave bureaucrat, who rose to be chief of the State Department’s Office of Special Political Affairs, had actually been a Soviet agent all along. And it will probably take another 50 to force Franklin Roosevelt’s admirers to concede that their hero’s closest confidant and adviser was yet another Soviet agent. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2001/jan/4/20010104-020500-7670r/
The Resumption Of Russian-“Israeli” Free Trade Talks Proves Ties Are Fantastic http://www.eurasiafuture.com/2018/04/25/the-resumption-of-russian-israeli-free-trade-talks-proves-ties-are-fantastic/
Israel and Russia are NOT on the verge of war. They are allies! http://theduran.com/israel-russia-not-verge-war-allies/
Does anyone still seriously think that Russia and Israel aren’t allies | Israel’s latest bombing raid on Syria is confirmation that the Putin-Netanyahu Summit in Sochi was a lot more successful than some Alt-Media voices have led people to believe. http://theduran.com/does-anyone-still-seriously-think-that-russia-and-israel-arent-allies/
The Third Khazaria (from “The Jewish Syndrome” by Eduard Hodos) https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/money-morning-refugees/WA402RCqhJg

How Putin’s Man Made His Way to the Top of European Jewry | For the last eight years, the European Jewish Congress has been led by a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin. And now, Moshe Vyacheslav Kantor has been elected to a third term – without a challenger. https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/features/1.699655
Russia to invest billions of dollars in Saudi Arabia’s future megacity
Document: Putin the Good Goy
Rosneft Expands in Middle East With Libya and Iraq Oil Deals
Putin’s initiative: Russia outlaws distorted, anti-Semitic interpretation of the Bible https://www.christiantoday.com/article/putins-initiative-russia-outlaws-distorted-anti-semitic-interpretation-of-the-bible/73424.htm
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is a member of the Bank for International Settlements
As Putin Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Players, His Surprising Jewish Connection is Revealed
“Claims that the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were orchestrated by US intelligence agencies are “complete nonsense,” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told attendees of a youth forum”
“Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country warned the United States several times that Saddam Hussein’s regime was planning terror attacks on the United States and its overseas interests”
“Putin, who had been the first to call Bush with his sympathy after learning of the 9/11 attacks, graciously offered to help with the invasion of Afghanistan”
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s political party, “Yadinaya Rasiya” (United Russia), will open a branch in Israel, marking the first time ever that a Russian party will have an official mission in the country.
Putin: ‘I support the struggle of Israel’
Russian Missile Sale to Iran Involves Unseen Deals With Israel
Putin’s Double Game in Syria: Russian-Israeli Cooperation
Why Russia should take over Israel’s defense from America
Putin gives Jewish War book to Netanyahu as a present
Putin’s Favorite Rabbi
Senior Russian Rabbi Says Putin’s Ouster Would Endanger Jews
The American Jews Who Are Proud to Be Pro-Putin
Putin on our side, says Russia’s chief rabbi | Russian chief rabbi Berel Lazar tells Limmud FSU that Putin has done more for Jews than any other leader of the country
Meeting with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and President of the Federation of Jewish Communities Alexander Boroda http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/55666
“Artificial intelligence is not only the future of Russia, but the future of all mankind. It holds both tremendous opportunities and is fraught with scarcely predictable dangers. Whoever takes the lead in this sphere will become Lord of the World,” President Putin told Russian schoolchildren during an open lesson on their first day of the new school year. https://sputniknews.com/russia/201709011057000758-putin-schoolchildren-world-lord/
Yandex Partners With Tel Aviv University to Launch AI Study Program, Scholarships | The Russian technology company will launch the Yandex Machine Learning Initiative, offering courses in artificial intelligence and financial support to students and faculty https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3730256,00.html
Modeled on Yeshiva University, first Jewish university to open in Russia | Moscow institution with student body of 200 to launch next month, with courses in economics, law, humanities, and Jewish studies https://www.timesofisrael.com/modeled-on-yeshiva-university-first-jewish-university-to-open-in-russia/
Axis Innovation Russia | To introduce and showcase emerging technology startups from Israel to the Russian investment community in order to help startups secure investment and strategic partnerships. https://www.axisinnovation.com/axisrussia2016
Russian VC shows the love to Israeli startups | Titanium Investments unveils its $50 million venture capital fund geared mainly to Israeli companies such as Feedvisor, Any.do and MUV Interactive. https://www.israel21c.org/russian-vc-shows-the-love-to-israeli-startups/
[Putin’s friend] Roman Abramovich Invests $10M In StoreDot http://nocamels.com/2014/06/roman-abramovich-invests-10m-in-storedot/
Israeli crowd-funding company iAngels has raised $2.25 million in a seed round led by investment firm Millhouse Capital, which is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. iAngels enables private investments in early-stage startups. It was founded in 2013 by Mor Assia and Shelly Hod Moyal. http://nocamels.com/2015/03/iangels-raises-2-25m-from-millhouse-capital/
Roman Abramovich Invests In AltaIR http://nocamels.com/2015/10/roman-abramovich-invests-in-altair/
Russian-British billionaire Roman Abramovich is deepening his presence in Israeli high-tech, leading a $21 million investment round in the start-up AnyClip Media. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/business/.premium-oligarch-leads-21m-invest-in-startup-anyclip-1.5304913
Russian Internet Giant Yandex Acquiring Israeli Geolocation Startup KitLocate https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/business/.premium-russian-internet-giant-buying-kitlocate-1.5335576
Israeli startup Klear, formerly known as Twtrland, has raised $1.5 million in new funding from Altair and TMT Investments, two international venture funds with Russian backers. http://www.ewdn.com/2015/07/07/36392/
Russian search giant Yandex is opening its first facility in Israel, after announcing this week that it had acquired Tel Aviv-based startup KitLocate. http://www.zdnet.com/article/yandex-to-open-israeli-r-d-centre-after-kitlocate-acquisition/
Billionaire Roman Abramovich revealed as $30m. Tel Aviv University donor http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Billionaire-Roman-Abramovich-revealed-as-30m-Tel-Aviv-University-donor-539824
Yandex: Tool of Russian Disinformation and Cyber Operations in Ukraine
Uber and Yandex to combine ride-hailing in Russia and beyond http://www.israelhayom.com/2017/07/20/transport-giant-uber-buys-israeli-startup-otto-for-680-million/
USM Holdings owned by Russia’s business magnate Alisher Usmanov and his partners is one of investors of the popular Uber taxi service, a source close to the company told TASS on Sunday. http://jewishbusinessnews.com/2016/01/24/russias-billionaire-usmanov-among-investors-of-uber-taxi-service/
“Mikhail Fridman – Friend of Bibi, Putin and linked to Trump, allegedly. Dual citizen of Israel and Russia.” – Jon Swinn [thank you!]
Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman’s LetterOne invested US$200m in Uber https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-tech-fridman/russian-billionaire-fridman-makes-200-million-investment-in-uber-idUSKCN0VL1FI
Fridman is behind Alfa group Russia-Israel investments http://alfagroup.co.il/news/alfa-invest.html
Image recognition startup Cortica nabs $1.5M from Russian tech leader Mail.Ru | Cortica was founded in 2007 and has employess in New York City, Sunnyvale, Calif. and Israel. https://venturebeat.com/2013/05/28/cortica-funding-mail-ru-group/
Kremlin-linked Billionaire, Netanyahu Friend Donated to Trump’s Private Legal Fund
Israeli firms invest in Russia
Statements for the press and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Israeli talks http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/52125
11/14/2001: President Vladimir Putin met with the Exxon Mobil CEO, Jewish organisation leaders and celebrated Russian ice hockey players during his sojourn in Washington | He [Putin] received Lee Raymond, Chairma of Exxon Mobil,, who told him about American financial participation in the Sakhalin 1 project and the oil giant’s plans for further work in Russia.
Later on, Mr Putin met with the leaders of the largest American Jewish organisations. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/26867
Meeting with President of Israel Shimon Peres | During their meeting, Vladimir Putin and Shimon Peres discussed the situation in the Middle East and the Iranian nuclear problem. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/15731

MOSCOW’S SECRET WEAPON: THE ISRAELI MOSSAD AND THE ZIONIST CULTS https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp90-00845r000100310001-2

Interview with Israeli Television Channel One | President Vladimir Putin: Russia and Israel have special relations, I believe. The Soviet Union was one of the founders of the state of Israel, when as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, in the post-war period, it actively supported the creation of the state of Israel. Later, during the cold war, everyone knows how relations between the countries developed, and these relations were not to the benefit of Israel or the Soviet Union, in my opinion.
Israel has – I won’t try to give precise figures, you probably know this better than I do – but I think that 25% of its population is Russian-speaking. And in this sense, Israel is almost a Russian-speaking country. I have had the opportunity to see this for myself, when I visited your country. And what was mostly striking for me, and made quite a strong emotional impression on me, was that the Russian-speaking population of Israel, at least it seemed so to me, try in their vast majority to maintain their Russian culture and Russian language. This creates a special charm in relations between our countries and is a good basis for developing intergovernmental ties. We are watching very closely how the situation is developing in the region and in the country itself; we have enormous respect for the achievements of the Jewish people and the Jewish state.
I have already said that when I visited Israel, I had a chance to travel around the country. I even spent the night at a kibbutz, and was able to feel how people live there, how they think and what worries them. I was particularly impressed by monuments to victims of the Holocaust. And this memory of the victims of the Second World War also unites us. http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/22928#sel=4:19:Ln2,4:67:44j

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Russia Says No S-300 Missiles For Syria After Netanyahu Visit

Russia has made an apparent U-turn on its prior signaling that it would supply the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Syria after this week’s major escalation between Syria and Israel, which involved scores of surface-to-surface rockets being fired by both sides, primarily across the contested Golan border, and some 28 Israeli aircraft firing around 60 air-to-surface missiles at Syria during the exchange. …
It must also be remembered that this week’s exchange of fire began just as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded the 10-hour visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, and less than a day after Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu told reporters immediately after the short meeting that he didn’t expect Russia to act against Israeli forces as they continue escalating attacks on Syria, supposedly while enforcing their “Iranian red line.”

Russia unlikely to limit Israeli actions in Syria: Netanyahu — Photo with Putin says it all!

Many truthers falsely believe that KGB Putin is our savior. I think he’s diabolical and sneaky, and plans to EMP and nuke the US, along with Communist China. Putin has also returned Russia to a partial police state in which it’s illegal to tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust.’ He limits blogging and alternative news. His political opponents suddenly die or get thrown into prison. Putin has also outlawed evangelicals witnessing to the Russian Orthodox.
And they’ll soon have the ability to completely win an offensive nuclear and EMP war against the USA, thanks largely to TalmudVision, which doesn’t report it, and the Putin worshiping truthers who won’t look at the facts because they think he looks good on horseback with his shirt off.
Putin’s main goal in Syria may be to defend their Mediterranean military base. It’s not because he’s such a great guy and wants to help Syria.
The photo below says a lot!
– –

Russia unlikely to limit Israeli actions in Syria: Netanyahu

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Russia is unlikely to try to limit Israel’s military actions in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attend a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia May 9, 2018. Sergei Ilnitsky/Pool via REUTERS

Since intervening in the Syrian civil war on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad in 2015, Russia has generally turned a blind eye to Israeli attacks on suspected arms transfers and deployments by Assad’s Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah allies.
But Moscow’s condemnation of an April 9 strike that killed seven Iranian personnel set off speculation in Israel that Russian patience might be wearing thin.
Netanyahu flew to Moscow on Wednesday to meet Putin, hours after U.S. President Donald Trump quit the Iranian nuclear deal and after Syria accused Israel of carrying out a fresh missile strike on an army base near Damascus.
“Given what is happening in Syria at this very moment, there is a need to ensure the continuation of military coordination between the Russian military and the Israel Defence Forces,” Netanyahu told reporters before departing, referring to a hotline designed to prevent the countries clashing accidentally.
After the talks with Putin, Netanyahu sounded upbeat.
“In previous meetings, given statements that were putatively attributed to – or were made by – the Russian side, it was meant to have limited our freedom of action or harm other interests and that didn’t happen, and I have no basis to think that this time will be different,” he told reporters in a phone briefing. …
Netanyahu’s relationship with Putin has been buoyed by a long-running Israeli courting of Russian sensitivities.
During his 10-hour Moscow visit, the Israeli leader attended, alongside Putin, annual Red Square celebrations of the anniversary of the end of World War Two. Israel recognizes the Russian date, May 9. Most Western powers mark it on May 8.
“When the president of Russia invites the prime minister of the state of the Jews to stand alongside him at the parade symbolizing the Red Army’s victory over the Nazis, its liberation, also, of the (concentration) camps, of Jews and others – for Russia, that is very significant,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the Ynet news site. Continue reading “Russia unlikely to limit Israeli actions in Syria: Netanyahu — Photo with Putin says it all!”

Putin may have given Israeli PM Netanyahu the green light to wipe out Iran in Syria in a massive air war

Many truthers falsely believe that KGB Putin is our savior. I think he’s diabolical and sneaky, and plans to EMP and nuke the US, along with Communist China. Putin has also returned Russia to a partial police state in which it’s illegal to tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust.’ He limits blogging and alternative news. His political opponents suddenly die or get thrown into prison. Putin has also outlawed evangelicals witnessing to the Russian Orthodox.
And they’ll soon have the ability to completely win an offensive nuclear and EMP war against the USA, thanks largely to TalmudVision, which doesn’t report it, and the Putin worshiping truthers who won’t look at the facts because they think he looks good on horseback with his shirt off.
Putin’s main goal in Syria may be to defend their Mediterranean military base. It’s not because he’s such a great guy and wants to help Syria.
– –

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.
  • Netanyahu left saying he thought Russia wouldn’t intervene in Israel protecting itself.
  • On Wednesday night, a massive air war broke out between Iranian forces in Syria and Israeli jets; Israel has said it destroyed numerous Iranian sites.
  • Putin has warned Netanyahu against attacking Syrian sites, but when it comes to Israel versus Iranians, he seems not to care.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Moscow’s Victory Day parade on Wednesday. Hours later, a massive air war broke out in which, Israel says, it destroyed dozens of Iranian sites in Syria.
Statements from Netanyahu suggest that Putin may have given the green light before the attack.
Entire Article


(vid) Alexandr Dugin (aka Putin's Brain) — The idea that "Putin is the new savior of the white Christian race" must be buried where it belongs

A comment by Divine Voice:

This idea in our circles, especially among “American nationalists” that “Putin is the new savior of the white Christian race” must be buried where it belongs.

Again, I will remind you that Putin and his regime hunted down, killed and imprisoned just about every member of the NSO, Russian Nationalist Party and anyone else who spoke out against mass immigration or those who were opposed to Putin’s oligarch-funded police state.

Putin has banned Russian nationalist movements who held a positive view of European nationalism (while still being Russian nationalists themselves).

The only Russian nationalist movements that are left are controlled opposition, and all of them are coincidently pro-Putin. f.x. Aleksandr Dugin and his “national Bolshevism” & “Eurasianism” movement.

And regarding the conflict in Ukraine, for those who support the anti-European, communist and Russian-backed proxy-state “Novorossiya”;
It is Russia, not Ukraine, where hundreds of people per year for, like, a decade or so, were getting charged with thought crimes, many going to its hellish prison system, for “xenophobia”, “anti-semitism”, “neo-nazism”, and other “hate crimes”. All of this as a direct result, personally and directly mandated by Putin himself.

I know of a number of high profile cases like this in Putin’s Russia against “anti-semites”.

In Russia, Holocau$t scepticism is officially banned since 2014 (not an old post-war law like in Europe), and it is punishable by up to 5 years in horrible prisons of Russian Federation.

Many books, such as Jurgen Graf’s “Truth about Holocaust”, were already banned even before that law, as Putin has of course set up laws against “hate speech”, “pro-nazism” and “extremism”.

In Ukraine as of 2015, they banned communism and they, on the country level, do a lot of work in condemning it on the official level, publicizing crimes of communism to the whole world and popularizing the understanding of communism as criminal, worldwide.

Meanwhile, in Putin’s Russia: Record number of Russians ‘positive’ about Joseph Stalin & communism (52%).

In Ukraine, what was once called “anti-semitic university of hate” by ADL — MAUP, the Ukraine’s largest non-state higher education institution teaching, tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Ukrainian youth over the years and some of Ukrainian elite as well — is still functioning as of 2015. It’s the same institution of higher learning that gave David Duke the degree.

It would be unthinkable in Putin’s Russian Federation for an institute like MAUP to exist.

– –
Continue reading “(vid) Alexandr Dugin (aka Putin's Brain) — The idea that "Putin is the new savior of the white Christian race" must be buried where it belongs”

(2 min vid) Putin Threatens Instantaneous Nuclear War If West Attacks Allies — US is defenseless

America is defenseless against Russia’s most advanced weapons. Joel Skousen has been warning US for decades, which I’ve been posting for almost 20 years.
Joel Skousen has been warning about this since the ’90s, but the US won’t even protect the power grid, which alone will kill most of us, once they EMP US, as they nuke our military bases, which we won’t defend, because of PDD 60. They can also take out our nukes, while we can’t touch theirs. All the church seems to care about is Talmudic Israel’s takeover of the Middle East, called the Greater Israel Plan.
– –

Continue reading “(2 min vid) Putin Threatens Instantaneous Nuclear War If West Attacks Allies — US is defenseless”

Russian opposition leader Navalny barred from presidential election – Putin's autocratic rule continues

Banned from Russian election, Alexei Navalny calls for boycott

Alexei Navalny, an anti-corruption campaigner and President Putin’s most prominent rival, called for a boycott. The Kremlin hinted that the call might be illegal.
Putin, who has been in power for 18 years and is expected to easily win another six-year term, has so far refrained from campaigning. As The Christian Science Monitor reported earlier this month, many say that this will be Putin’s last turn in this particular role. Russia’s constitution, which he has previously honored – after a fashion – limits a president to two consecutive terms.

Yet after nearly 18 years in power, including a four-year hiatus (when he occupied the job of prime minister) while his place-holder Dmitry Medvedev held the office….

Russian law doesn’t specifically prohibit someone from calling for an election boycott, but authorities last year blocked access to several websites that did so.
Navalny rose to prominence in 2009 with investigations into official corruption and became a protest leader when hundreds of thousands took to the streets across Russia in 2011 to protest electoral fraud.
A few years later, and after several short-term spells in jail, Navalny faced two separate sets of fraud charges, which were viewed as political retribution aimed at stopping him from running for office. In his only official campaign before his first conviction took effect, Navalny garnered 30 percent of the vote in the race for Moscow mayor in 2013.
The European Union said in a statement on Tuesday the decision to keep Navalny off the ballot “casts a serious doubt on political pluralism in Russia and the prospect of democratic elections next year.”
The EU’s spokeswoman for foreign affairs, Maja Kocijancic, pointed to a European Court of Human Rights ruling that Navalny was denied the right to a fair trial when he was convicted in 2013.
“Politically motivated charges shouldn’t be used against political participation,” Kocijancic said.
Entire Article

(vid) Sinead McCarthy: Putin The Pedo

I don’t agree with everything Sinead says, mainly the tone. But Sinead has the guts to say what needs to be said. Thank God! She is one of the few truthers willing to tell the truth about Putin and Russia. Russia is not our friend, and Putin is not our savior.

The proof of what Sinead is alleging by her title is at 21:33 in this video. It’s quite obvious.

Something is seriously wrong in Russia, but many US truthers worship this man, and really do see him as a savior. Yet, many would be in jail if they were Russian citizens speaking out in Russia. Putin has gone after the free press, and has even made telling the truth about the Holocaust illegal.

I agree with Joel Skousen that it’s obvious that Russia is getting ready to nuke and EMP US, along with China.

Putin has even banned evangelism by Christians in Russia, unless it’s sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church.

– –


Continue reading “(vid) Sinead McCarthy: Putin The Pedo”

(video) Christopher Jon Bjerknes on Red Ice Radio: Putin’s Reign of Terror — Why are truthers promoting an anti-western agenda as if it will save us? • Israel’s goal is to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem from which the NWO will be ruled through their ‘messiah’ in a communist alliance • “Many Jews have become billionaires under Putin. When the Russian media does try to cover it, he sends out assassins to murder those who do”

Much of what Bjerknes says seriously needs to be considered; though, I don’t think he’s found the total balance yet.

– –

24:00-25:40 Israel’s goal is to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem from which the NWO will be ruled through their ‘messiah’ (the antichrist), in a communist alliance.

34:00 “Many Jews have become billionaires under Putin. Now when the Russian media does try to cover it, he sends out assassins to murder those who do.”

37:30 “My theme of the book in which Putin is utilizing Trotsky-like terror to maintain his power and grow his empire and to put people into power in other nations who favor him.” [Though it’s probably more often the Mossad and CIA doing this, not Russia, except for perhaps in Soviet satellite countries and within Russia itself – ed.]

46:10 The permitted opposition leaders in Russia are not allowed to actually challenge Putin through a democratic process.

47:25 “Why are these people who are westerners [truthers like the one he mentions at Stormfront – ed.] promoting an anti-western agenda as if it will save us?”

Christopher Jon Bjerknes, transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time

Published on Jul 3, 2017

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a writer and researcher who has published numerous books and articles. He is the author of Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time, Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist, and Mileva Einstein-Marity: Einstein’s Partner in Crime.

Christopher returns to offer a controversial perspective on geopolitics, Vladimir Putin, and other related subjects. We begin by discussing Putin, including his background as a KGB agent. Christopher then argues that Putin is sponsoring false flag terrorism in order to make himself out to be a glorious leader. Later, we discuss the possibility of Trump being a Russian agent. The first hour covers much more, and concludes with a discussion on the Alt-Right’s relationship with the Russian president.

In the members’ hour, we first talk about the KGB, and then switch gears to consider Chabad-Lubavitch. This leads to a discussion on Putin’s relationship with the Jewish community both in Russia and abroad. Next, we discuss Zionism and Communism. Christopher then argues that the West should ally with Islamic countries against the forces of Zionism. The members’ hour explores many other topics, including Jared Kushner, China, and the need for a unified resistance movement.

Guest’s website: http://jewishracism.blogspot.com/
Get the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1548248533/

Listen to the second hour of the show and get full access to our archives at http://redicemembers.com

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(video) Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Worship Cult — “Embracing our enemies as if our saviors”

Important topic and discussion!

I definitely don’t agree with all of this, as my discussion with Brandon partly shows (in the comment section of his video). But this perspective needs to be considered by truthers who blindly accept tyranny from Putin while fighting tyranny here. It really does seem like a cult, a Putin worship cult, a phrase that I think Brandon Martinez coined.

I posted this comment:

Extremely important subject and discussion, yet I find this is one of the most difficult to sort through, because Christopher seems to blame all of the false flags on Russia, while the Mossad and CIA have been behind many, without Russia’s involvement at all. It’s not so black and white in the other direction as Bjerkness claims; though, he brings up many good points. This is not a balanced discussion, but is definitely balancing.

– –

52:20 “Embracing our enemies as if our saviors, that is really, really weird. And the fact that they react with such vicious anger when I point out the obvious indicates how deeply engrained this brainwashing has become.” – Christopher Jon Bjerknes

1:26:45 Journalists Putin had assassinated!

1:39:52 Bjerknes: “The way that you can deprogram cult members is to confront them with the facts. So we have to constantly involve ourselves with this alternative media so that we can confront them with the facts, and their narrow linguistic programming and cultism can be defeated with the facts.”

• • •


Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Cult

Published on Jul 7, 2017

Brandon Martinez & Christopher Jon Bjerknes unmask the lies, distortions, propaganda, tactics and objectives of the Putin cult.

Get Christopher’s new book on Putin here:

Martinez’ blog:

(video) Martinez on Putin: ‘Not Our Savior’ – Ties with Talmudic Jews

Originally at: youtube.com/watch?v=w6VD4yMhna8

Brandon Martinez on Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


(audio) Brandon Martinez & Kevin Barrett Debate PUTIN WORSHIP in Alt-Media

PUTIN: HOLOCAUST TRUTHERS in Russia Now Face 5 YEARS in PRISON — Law also practically BANS CRITICISM OF STALIN • Putin also signed law imposing STRICTER RULES ON BLOGGERS

(video) Anti-Truther Putin: ‘Holocaust Skepticism Immoral’ — The Zionist President of Russia declares any revision of the official Russian-Jewish narrative on World War II is “immoral.” It is also ILLEGAL in Russia as of 2014

Putin Initiates Law Against Anti-Semitic Biblical Interpretation

(8-min video) Martinez: Putin the Hypocrite — Be careful who you venerate

(audio) Stefan Molyneux’s Deflection of 9/11 & Holocaust Truth | Alt-Media’s Putin Worship – The Martinez Perspective 01/11/16

(video) US aircraft carriers would last 2-3 days against Soviet navy at sea – Admiral Rickover in the ’70s — Russian subs that capable and difficult to locate!

Russia and China’s SS-N-22 Sunburn missile: U.S. aircraft carrier and Aegis-class cruiser killer! — SS-N-22 skims the surface of the water at 2.5x the speed of sound until just before impact, when it lifts up and then heads straight down into the target’s deck. Its 200 kiloton nuclear warhead has almost 20 times the explosive power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The U.S. Navy has no defence against this missile system

345 MPH Supercavitating Torpedoes — US aircraft carriers now sitting ducks to Russia & China’s torpedoes

(video) Russia Electronically Disables U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer — Ultra-modern destroyer USS Donald Cook paralyzed by a single SU-24 in the Black Sea (2014)

[Updated December 2013] Joel Skousen: Year-End Big Picture Review of Threats — Russia/China invasion of U.S.A. TIMING discussed

Skousen: U.S. Intentionally Vulnerable to Nuclear Attack from China/Russia

Skousen: RUSSIA’S PREPARATIONS TO FIGHT AND WIN A NUCLEAR WAR • The US is actively inviting a first strike against our forces by disarming while Russia cheats—and we don’t even have a treaty with the Chinese for them to cheat on, so it’s full steam ahead for all the major nuclear powers except the US • The US will do anything to coverup or downplay the Chinese threat • The Chinese have over 3,000 miles of tunnels to hide their mobile missiles

China Preparing to Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers — The WU-14 can penetrate missile defense systems by traveling at up to ten times the speed of sound!

(audio/text) Joel Skousen: With a Growing Russian Missile Threat, US is Still Disarming — “Russia says their missiles are for “containment” of the US, but we know they are preparing for a nuclear first strike on America”

(video) Joel Skousen: An Evil Pact Drives Globalists to Set Up USA for China/Russia Takeover | North Korea Will Be the Trigger

New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That The U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes” — An earlier model armed with long-range cruise missiles sailed around in the Gulf of Mexico for weeks without being detected in 2012!

China may have largest Pacific fleet by 2020 — and capability to destroy US military and intelligence satellites?

Skousen: 2015 YEAR IN REVIEW – Foreign Affairs — More than any other year in history, the US has LOST a tremendous amount of GOODWILL in the world over its falsified war against terror, essential to allowing Russia and China to stake out the moral ground to justify an eventual attack on the West, increasingly viewed as the “BULLY OF THE WORLD” • WAR is not imminent. Russia and China won’t be ready until the EARLY to MIDDLE of the NEXT DECADE • The NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE will be PRECEDED BY AN EMP STRIKE which will take down the ENTIRE ELECTRICAL GRID from anywhere from 6 weeks to six months *or longer*. Cities will collapse… • Globalists want to flood the US and Europe with illegals to create conflict and destroy western culture and religion

Skousen: Analysis of Strategic Threats in the Current Decade

[Updated May 2010] Joel Skousen: Analysis of Strategic Threats in the Current Decade — The Big Picture!

Dumitru Duduman: The Russian Invasion of America — “It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace.’ Then there will be an internal revolution in America…. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans…” — The rapture will occur AFTER America is destroyed, as God destroys the enemies of Israel!

(vision) Dumitru Duduman: WHEN AMERICA GOES TO WAR WITH CHINA the RUSSIANS WILL STRIKE Alaska, Minnesota, Florida — “America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him with a CLEAN HEART as they do HIS WORK. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people”

[ audio ] Henry Gruver’s Three Visions: Russian (and Chinese) Invasion of America — “When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go, the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing and caring for the masses, and will begin to let their weapons down, and will cry ‘peace and safety,’ and that’s when it will happen.”

(video) Dumitru Duduman: Wake Up America

[2-hour audio] Henry Gruver with Steve Quayle: Visions of War – Visions of Heaven

[mp3 audio] Henry Gruver’s Vision of America being invaded by Russia

[47-minute audio] Henry Gruver: Russian Invasion of America

The WW3 Prophecies (includes prophecies by others)

RED DAWN: ASIAN MILITARY INVASION OF USA? (prophecies by many others)

(video) Anti-Truther Putin Decrees ‘Holocaust’ Skepticism “Immoral” and Illegal — Russian-Jewish narrative of WWII enforced by law as of 2014

Many truthers see Putin as their anti-NWO truth champion. I’m highly skeptical, knowing Russia’s plans to EMP and nuke the USA. Putin doesn’t seem to be our friend.

– –

The Zionist President of Russia declares any revision of the official Russian-Jewish narrative on World War II is “immoral.” It is also illegal in Russia as of 2014. (source)

• • •

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI9rqx1iLsc]Russia: ‘Re-writing history of the Holocaust is immoral’ – Putin

Ruptly TV

Published on Jan 27, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed any attempt to conceal or re-write the horrors of the Holocaust, labeling such attempts “immoral” Tuesday. He was speaking at an event at the Jewish Museum in Moscow marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year has special significance because it is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army.


PUTIN: HOLOCAUST TRUTHERS in Russia Now Face 5 YEARS in PRISON — Law also practically BANS CRITICISM OF STALIN • Putin also signed law imposing STRICTER RULES ON BLOGGERS

(audio) Brandon Martinez & Kevin Barrett Debate PUTIN WORSHIP in Alt-Media

(8-min video) Martinez: Putin the Hypocrite — Be careful who you venerate

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

All of my Holocaust Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

All of my Germany Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They [pastors] were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning”