Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? Alaska’s TV cable monopoly GCI drops TruTV before the landmark 7-part “Conspiracy Theory” series completely airs!

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I asked a number of GCI subscribers, today, if they ever remember GCI dropping a channel. No one could think of any.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, but also, the timing is highly suspect, and it sure is strange to see only 1 gap between channels 1 and 51. There no longer is a channel 29, which was TruTV just a few days ago.

After part 1 did air, Jesse Ventura (host of “Conspiracy Theory”) lost a gentleman’s bet, because he didn’t think the series would actually be broadcast, because of what the episodes reveal. But I wonder if he had thought that cable companies would pull the plug on the entire channel! GCI’s official statement doesn’t make sense [underlining, my emphasis]:

Programming Update Unfortunately, GCI’s negotiations for a contract renewal with Tru TV have ended with a less satisfactory outcome.  Effective January 1, 2010, Tru TV will no longer be available on channel 29 (or channel 40 in Fort Greely.)   Similar programming is available on the following networks (channels):  E! (27), TNT (31), TLC (55), History (58), A&E (59), Oxygen (80), Bravo (83), Investigation Discovery (106), Biography (203), & History International (204.)

For example, only one of these ‘similar’ channels even aired one program that in part questioned the official 9/11 story. And then they mocked the 9/11 experts who were promised this wouldn’t be a hit-piece. Jesse’s series was the first since 9/11 to present this side of the issue fairly.

It costs TruTV almost nothing to send their signal to another community. It’s win-win for them. Why are they the only channel dropped by GCI — and before this important and totally rare series has been allowed to completely run, along with the many reruns?

Amazing coincidence or conspiracy?


What GCI cable TV subscribers couldn’t watch on TV: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Episode 6 – ‘Manchurian Candidate’: Sanctioned murder by the U.S. government through trauma-based mind-control victims!

“Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura — All 7 Episodes

Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” Series on TruTV starts TOMORROW (12/2) — topic is the HAARP project in Alaska

Judge backs Christian soldier’s conscientious objector petition—Alaska based paratrooper previously denied by Army

From: Anchorage Daily News

The Army should grant conscientious objector status to Pfc. Michael Barnes, a Fort Richardson-based paratrooper who had his request for that designation denied last year, U.S. Magistrate John D. Roberts concluded Tuesday.

A native of Portland, Ore., Barnes, 26, said he enlisted in the Army for five years in March 2005 with the idealistic goal of “defending freedom and helping other people in countries no one else would help.

That same year, however, while training for deployment to Iraq as part of the 4th Airborne Brigade Combat Team at Fort Richardson, he grew increasingly troubled by the tales he heard from soldiers returning….

But after his unit landed in Kuwait, then Iraq, in the fall of 2006, he began to witness bad behavior firsthand….

“The cumulative evidence is that he was not acting — as the Army tried to argue — in a manipulative or an expedient fashion,” Fortier said. “He was following his conscience to a much higher calling than whatever the Army was expecting him to do.”

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Alaska: Latest Spring Thaw So Far at My Mom’s House

Just for the record.

Each year, I look to see at about what day the last patch of snow thaws in my Mom’s yard in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s always in the same spot, and it usually thaws around April 15th.

This year, after having some earlier weather that gave us hope we could expect an early thaw, it got colder, and we got a record, late snowfall that delayed the thaw of this patch until Saturday, May 3rd!

Jeff Fenske

Alaska: Anchorage digs out after record snowfall | Confused ducks

From: Anchorage Daily News, Saturday, 4/26/08

Anchorage continues to dig out from a snowfall that set a record for the day and the month.The National Weather Service says 17.2 inches fell at its office just south of Anchorage’s international airport and 22 inches fell in northeast Anchorage on Friday and Saturday.

The heaviest snow fell between 3 and 6 p.m. Friday at a rate of almost two inches per hour.

The monthly total at the weather service office is now 29.7 inches, breaking a record from 1963 when 27.6 inches fell during April.

The 15.5 inches that fell Friday is the third-most for any one day in Anchorage. The record is the 25.7 inches that fell six years ago on March 17, 2002.

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From: Anchorage Daily News, 4/27/08

Springtime in Alaska, and the livin’ is beastly

… I should have known the recent warmth wouldn’t last. You just have to notice the signs. On Thursday, I realized there were no buds on the trees and no green shoots of grass had shown. That seemed odd after several days of warm weather.

It was as if the plants knew something was up.

The birds sure didn’t. As the snow continued to fall on Friday, I noticed confused ducks flying around, seemingly looking for a place to land. One duck finally found a slim open lead of water between the slush piling up in a roadside mud puddle. It didn’t look too happy.

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Red Wine, Black Tea, May Help Regulate Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics | My Favorite Tea

From: Newswise

Red wine has been shown to protect people from heart disease, even when they follow a diet high in saturated fat, and the healing powers of tea are becoming the stuff of legend. Now, researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have shown that these beverages may hold promise for regulating the blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes. …

The team also tested four kinds of tea, including black, oolong, white and green teas. Water extracts of black tea had the highest effect on inhibiting the activity of alpha-glucosidase, followed by white tea and oolong tea.

Wine and tea had no effect on a pancreatic enzyme called alpha-amylase that breaks down starch, which could help patients avoid the side effects of medications used to control blood sugar.

A major drawback of medications that control both enzymes is the bacterial fermentation of undigested carbohydrates, especially starch, in the colon, which can lead to side effects such as flatulence, bloating and diarrhea,” says Shetty. “Tea and wine had no effect on the breakdown of starch by alpha-amylase, which could potentially help patients avoid these side effects.”

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My Favorite Tea: Barry’s Gold Blend

Available in Anchorage at Celtic Treasures

I’ve discovered that it’s important to buy with the box’s plastic wrap intact, for its goodness to remain.

And vacuum packing in canning jars then helps preserve its vitality.

Alaska: Palmer Golf Course Opens All 18 Holes for Business

From: Anchorage Daily News

Blessed by an early spring, Palmer Golf Course opened 18 holes with two temporary greens on Friday.

Word spread quickly. On Friday, about 50 players showed up, Palmer director of golf George Collum estimated. By Saturday, as many 80 were on the course — including one who buried an early-season eagle.

“It’s very early,” Collum said Saturday. “We opened in 2002 on the 28th of March. This is a week earlier, but we’re opening all 18 holes this time.” …

Collum said this is the course’s earliest opening.

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Anchorage, Alaska: Less Light Pollution from High-tech Street Lights—Yay!

From: Anchorage Daily News

The color of night is about to change.

In a move expected to save millions, improve nighttime visibility and make it easier to see the stars, the city plans to phase out its 16,500 pinkish-orange streetlights and replace them with energy-efficient white lights. In this northern metropolis, where residents live so much of their lives under artificial light, the switch means seeing everything differently.

“The one thing about the orange light, it makes everything fuzzier. White light, it makes everything crisper,” said Nancy Clanton, a Boulder, Colo., street lighting expert helping with the new lighting plan.

Light planners are also looking at ways to make street light more precise. What if lights dimmed slowly, responding to the rising sun? Is there a way to keep them from shining into bedroom windows? How many subtle undulations of northern lights could we see if we dampened Anchorage’s nighttime glow?

The city’s light replacement plan, one of the most ambitious in the nation, … would probably happen gradually as traditional lights burn out…. Streetlights burn out every three to four years.

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Alaska: Photographer’s new book shows Anchorage in its best light

From: Anchorage Daily News,

Our town: cold, dark, dirty and bleak. That’s the common perception, and not out of place when dust blows through or a mist of mud rises from the roads during breakup. When the pipes threaten to freeze and when the sun — if you see it at all — will clear the horizon for less than six chilly hours. Like today.

Photographer Clark James Mishler offers an alternative view. His recent book, “Anchorage: Life at the Edge of the Frontier” (YesAlaska Press, $34.95), offers 128 pages of color portraits of the city at its best: flowers, vistas, urban wildlife, elegant architecture, happy people, glorious sunshine flooding every nook. Several of the alluring shots feature Anchorage in winter.

In the introduction to the book, Mishler admits that one reader reaction he was hoping for was “Gee, I didn’t realize what a great place Anchorage is!”

Judging by the reported success of the book, people are reveling in seeing their hometown so attractively displayed and are eager to share it with non-Anchorage friends and contacts.

“Anchorage is not the perfect city,” Mishler writes. “(But) it is an exciting city in a beautiful setting, inhabited by some of the most diverse and gracious people anywhere.”


View selections from the book at

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Alaska: Tuesday Voter’s Guide & Delegate Guide [Ron Paul!]

From: Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Headquarters, Alaska

Dear Anchorage Voters,

Please forward this basic voter’s and delegate guide to all known Ron Paul supporters in Anchorage. This includes friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. …

I will be setting up a table at the Egan Center to help sign people in, gather supporters, and hand out materials. I’m sure our table will be the biggest/best display.

Yours in Liberty,
*-Chris Robertson-*

Anchorage Field Coordinator
907.230.2126 Continue reading “Alaska: Tuesday Voter’s Guide & Delegate Guide [Ron Paul!]”

Anchorage, Alaska: Ron Paul 2008 Gun Rights Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday, Jan. 29 7:00 PM

Ron Paul Campaign to Hold Gun Rights Town Hall Meeting Tuesday

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA—The Ron Paul 2008 Alaska presidential campaign invites Anchorage-area gun owners to a gun rights town hall meeting on Tuesday, January 29 at 7:00 p.m. The Q&A session will be held at the Ron Paul 2008 Alaska State Headquarters in Anchorage at 3339 Fairbanks St., near 34th and Old Seward, behind the Moose’s Tooth.

“Congressman Paul is the leading advocate for gun owners and their rights in the presidential race,” said Paul Alaska state political director Craig Bergman. “He is the only presidential candidate truly fighting for the Second Amendment rights of Alaskans, and he will continue to fight against unconstitutional federal intervention in the rights of gun owners as President.”

Ten-term Texas Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is the only pro-gun, pro-Constitution presidential candidate, and his record on Second Amendment rights is unparalleled. In the House of Representatives, Congressman Paul has led the fight to restore Second Amendment rights to all Americans, introduced legislation to repeal the “Gun Free Zone” victim disarmament law and National “Instant Background Check” gun registration bills, opposed gun control projects that would force registration of all private sales, introduced legislation to protect American’s rights to carry guns in national parks, and is currently fighting for the rights of US veterans to own guns without government interference.

Congressman Paul’s Alaska campaign is building on the heels of his second-place finishes in the Nevada and Louisiana caucuses. He is the only Republican presidential candidate actively campaigning in Alaska, with 2 offices, 11 field staffers, and 40 district chairs operating statewide.

Congressman Paul is also the highest-polling Republican presidential candidate in Alaska. In December’s KTUU presidential preference poll, Ron Paul placed first with 29 percent of the vote.

The Alaska Republican presidential primary vote will take place on February 5, 2008.

Make Ron Paul’s Day on December 16th!

World Affairs Brief, December 14, 2007. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief

Rep. Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who won’t be controlled by the establishment, is on the verge of staging an upset in several primary contests. Paul hopes to win an upset in Nevada with its large group of libertarian-leaning Republicans in the state’s Jan. 19 caucus. Another chance may be in Alaska which has a sizable population of independent minded citizens. As Channel 2 News of Anchorage reluctantly admitted, “A slim majority of respondents (polled by that station) support Ron Paul, a Texas congressman known for wanting to abolish the IRS and opposing the Iraq War. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who’s surging in national polls as well as Iowa caucus polls, came in a close second.” Notice how they downplayed Paul’s victory as a “slim” majority. Actually it was 30% to Huckabee’s 22%. That’s almost 1/3 -hardly slim! Of course, Huckabee is “surging” according to them. Why don’t they ever use that term for Ron Paul, whose surge is happening spontaneously, without his direction?

Join in the Ron Paul revolution and make a contribution this Sunday in celebration of the Boston Tea Party. I don’t know if anything will help to force the media to give Ron Paul the kind of free boost they are giving to phony conservative Mike Huckabee, but money talks. At least with millions in his campaign coffers Ron can pay his way around the media ban. All donations are placed at Encourage others.

Ron Paul Wins Anchorage, Alaska KTUU TV News Poll

Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Ron Paul is leading in the Anchorage area. For Paul supporters are probably the most enthusiastic and the most proactive. But this is great to see!

– jeff

Viewers pick Paul
by Channel 2 News Staff
Monday, Dec. 10. 2007

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — In a poll conducted Monday, Dec. 10, Channel 2 News asked which Republican presidential candidate they plan to support in the Alaska caucus

Respondents support Ron Paul

Which Republican presidential candidate will you support in Alaska’s caucus?

Rudy Giuliani — 14%

Mike Hucakbee — 22%

John McCain — 9%

Ron Paul — 29%

Mitt Romney — 9%

Fred Thompson — 12%

Other — 6%

All polls conducted by Channel 2 News and are unscientific.